Your Total Guide To Above Ground Pool Accessories

By Mike W / November 7, 2017
above ground pool accessories

Are you ready for the hot summer months that are just around the corner?

It will soon be time to get your pool ready and invite all the friends over for some backyard parties.

There are lots of preparations to make and you have lots of work ahead of you. Do you know what above ground pool accessories you should have on hand to get things in order?

Let me take the guesswork out of it for you, just follow my simple guide and you will be ready to party in no time.

Pump and Filter

There are many aspects of keeping your pool clean, but your pump and filter are the number one accessories to be sure are working properly.

A pump is what you need to actively circulate your water and enable it to flow through the filter. The ideal situation would be to have every bit of your water circulated through the filter every eight hours.

To enable this to happen, you'll want to run your pump during the day for at least 8-12 hours at a time, minimum.

When your water is flowing properly, it's much harder for any bacteria or algae to take over, thereby keeping you and your family safer.

As long as you have a quality pump and filter running, the chance of having harmful bacteria growing in your pool is lessened dramatically.

Cleaning Accessories

If you want to keep the pool clean, you'll need more than just that pump and filter. You'll require some above ground pool accessories that enable you to do the cleaning as well.

Take, for example, your skimmer. This is going to help you catch the debris your filter didn’t grab. It's great for leaves and dirt that fall from the trees.

You'll also need a vacuum to clean the floors and walls of the pool at least once per week.

In order to vacuum the above ground pool, you'll need to attach a vac head to the pool and then connect your vac hose.

Once it's in the water, you can hold the opposite end over the return fitting and fill the hose with water. Simply push that into the hole below the skimmer basket and get cleaning.


All the cleaning you do won't stop bacteria from forming unless you're using the correct above ground pool chemicals. You'll need to test your water with special strips or kit on a regular basis to see what adjustments must be made.

You can use chlorine tablets placed into a floater to keep a consistent flow in the pool. If you want your water safe for swimming, be sure to keep it at 1.0 ppm at all times.

If you run into trouble, make sure you have some granular shock on hand to get it back in order quickly.

You'll also need to be on top of your ph Levels. For optimum conditions, your levels should always be between 7.2 and 7.6.

If yours isn't in between these numbers, make sure you use a quality ph reducer or ph increaser to get it back on track.

Occasionally, you’re going to find that the water will cause irritation or odor. Often, swimmers will blame the chlorine, but that isn’t normally the case.

Generally speaking, you'll find that the true reason is the buildup of contaminants such as hair spray, lotion, and even urine. This is the perfect time to shock the pool and rid yourself of those excess items in the water.


Having a pool can certainly be a lot of work and it isn’t always easy determining exactly which above ground pool accessories are right for your needs. I hope that this breakdown makes it a little easier for you to find precisely what you need.

There's no greater joy than having a cool and refreshing pool to jump into during those hot summer months.

Sit back with your lemonade, put on some lotion and enjoy all the fun gatherings you can have because of the hard work you put into creating the perfect backyard oasis of fun.

Here are some other accessories to add more fun while enjoying your above ground pool this summer.

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