Above Ground Pools Installation Explained: Step By Step

By Mike W / November 7, 2017
above ground pools installation

So, you’re thinking of installing an above ground pool in your backyard for everyone to enjoy this summer? How exciting! 

This is such a fantastic choice as they're much cheaper than in-ground pools. They come in a great variety of sizes and styles to suit any family’s needs.

Now comes the hard part, when you realize you really have no idea what you’re doing or even where to start. I've got good news for you! I have all the information to help you get started on your new pool installation adventure.

Keep on reading to learn some extremely helpful tips and guidelines for setting up your new above ground pool.

Choose Your Above Ground Pool Location

The location of your new pool is extremely important. There are many things to consider about the ground on which your new pool will sit.

Spend some time and survey your yard for the perfect spot. You'll be looking for the flattest and most level area. Once you have the perfect spot that's the right size then you need to remove any debris.

If you can choose a spot in your yard where there's no sod, then that will save you step. If not, then you'll have to make sure and dig up all the sod that would have been beneath the pool. Some city regulations will require you to remove up to a certain area around the pool as well. 

Keeping it about 10 feet away from any trees is also a good idea too. Make sure to look up the local codes for this information so as not to breach any certain rules or regulations.

When my dad was building his above ground pool, he used a nice wide leveler rake and shovel. That's how he made sure the ground was very even where the pool was going sit.

Also, if you're concerned, you can have some sand delivered to ensure that you have a very level surface. Remember too that you'll need a spot for all the equipment such as the pool pump.

Digging Down and Laying Your Foundation

The next steps are where you’re going to get your hands dirty. This part should be relatively simple if you have a flat area to work with. If not, then I recommend getting some professional help as you don't want any drainage issues.

If your yard is fairly flat, then digging down the area is the best next step. This will help establish a firm stable foundation for your pool.

The next step is to put down stone that's at least two inches thick and one foot wide around where the pool edges will be sitting. The instruction manual that comes with your pool will give you more details and specifications in this area.

After that, double check that your area is level. Next, you'll be starting to put the pool structure together.

Pool Structure

Now you want to build the bottom of your pool. You’ll be using a combination of stabilizers, rails and plates to build your bottom ring.

Once your base is supported you can install your pool wall. It will fit nicely into the tracks that you'll have set up for it.

For this part, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of friends to help as then you won’t need stakes to help hold it up while you get it into place. Also, you’ll need to set up your water filter and pump system on their bases.

After your wall is put together you want to bring in a compactor and go over the area inside the pool really well to make sure it’s completely level, smooth and prepared for the liner.

Now you'll install the vertical wall supports and begin to put your liner in. After that, the top pool rail gets put together.

Now's the time to complete any of the plumbing connections and get a vacuum suction to pull the liner tight to the edges of the pool.

You’re pretty much done! All that’s left to do is fill it up with water and enjoy.

In Conclusion

I hope this guide to helping you install your above ground pool was really useful and has given you a good idea of all the steps involved.

Building your own above ground pool will take a little time and effort but I truly believe it’s so worth it.

Once the job is finally done and you can just enjoy your own personal retreat at home, there really is no price tag for that.

After installing your pool, check the video below and see if you like the idea of building a deck around a pool.

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