A Complete Guide To Air Hockey Table Parts: Everything Covered!

By Mike W / November 8, 2017
air hockey table parts

When you own an air hockey table, it's almost inevitable that you'll need to buy air hockey table parts for repairs and replacement.

However, since this is a bit of a niche market, there aren’t many resources to answer any questions you may have.

You’re in luck though, because that's what we're here for!

We’ve compiled an exhaustive list of anything you could possibly need to know about finding and buying parts for your air hockey table. That means you don’t have to struggle searching for this information all on your own.

With the help of this article, you’ll be back to playing air hockey in no time.

Accessories For Your Air Hockey Table

These, by far, are the easiest parts of your air hockey table and set to replace when something happens to them or they get lost. 

Accessories for your table most commonly refer to the pucks and goalie mallets used to play the game with.

However, accessories may also include score keepers, puck housing, and covers for your table.

Air Hockey Table Parts 

Air Hockey Table Legs

One of the most important things for an air hockey table is to be even. For example, if it favors toward one of the goals, it might give someone a frustratingly unfair advantage. That will take the fun out of the game!

While this problem is a little less common than losing a puck, it's important to watch out for.

So, whether the legs of your table are simply uneven or manage to get broken altogether, it's important to replace them before your next family game night turns into a fight for the winning side of the table.

Air Hockey Table Blowers

Just as making sure your table is even is key, making sure that there's air involved in your air hockey game is, understandably, extremely important.

The blowers in an air hockey table are made to last a long time, but, as we all know, everything can break. Even if they don’t break, if you keep your air hockey table long enough, it's bound to need some repairs in this area.

As such, you should be prepared just in case. As they don't break that often they're harder to find, but there are plenty of speciality and sports stores that will help you out.

Air Hockey Table Tops

This is probably one of the rarest replacements you need to worry about. With regular care and cleaning your table top should last the lifetime of your entire table.

However, if there's irreparable damage to your table top then it will make it nearly impossible to play air hockey on your table without at least a minor issue.

Since you'll rarely need to replace this, it will be harder to find. You'll probably have to look at speciality stores and websites, which we'll discuss below.

Where Can You Find Replacements for These Parts?

Air Hockey Parts

Now that you know what parts you may need for your air hockey table, where can you get them?

Luckily, with the help of the Internet, you can find pretty much anything easily these days. For the most common parts, such as the pucks, goalie mallets, and table covers, Amazon is the easiest way to get the parts you need.

However, for air hockey table parts that are more complex, like legs, blowers, or table tops, a speciality store or sports store may be your best option.

A couple of good choices are Air Hockey Direct and Thompson’s Sporting Goods, both of which you can easily find online.


When anything of yours breaks, it’s stressful. You shouldn’t have to struggle to find replacement parts as well.

With the help and resources that this article provides, though, you'll be able to find your new air hockey table parts in no time.

This way, you can get back to having fun playing air hockey instead of dreading repairing your air hockey table.

It’s important to note, however, that to make these new parts last a long time, you should be careful to properly take care of your air hockey table. It'l save you the time and money of a second repair.

Here's a video showing how to clean your air hockey table.

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