The Complete Package: Beer Pong Table With Speakers

By Mike W / November 23, 2017
beer pong table with speakers

There's no substitute for a good party! I've found the best way to ramp up the excitement at your next house party, tailgate, or event. Get your hands on the beer pong table with speakers.

Discovered in the United States in the 1950’s and predominantly played by American fraternity students, beer pong is a game that's now spread all over the world. It's become a recognized and celebrated sport.

Since its inception, the game has gone through some changes and some further variations have been created, making this game an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Unlike the name suggests, players aren't forced to use beer to play the game. They can use any beverage of their choice, either for younger players or heavier drinkers.

What Makes For a Quality Beer Pong Table?

Although beer pong can be played on a regular table top surface, the game has evolved into a global industry.

The outcome has created some industry standards to help improve the game and how it’s being played.


Your budget is an important factor when making a decision on which table to spend your hard-earned money on.

Most of the cheaper tables typically come with only the basic features. They're great for either the hobbyist or those on a tighter budget.

As a tournament player or bar owner, a higher-end table with tournament-quality specs is more what you'd be looking for. 

Higher end tables usually include those beer pong tables with speakers that turn your table into a complete party unit.

Is It Waterproof?

This is an important feature as many time these tables see themselves swimming in drink after some heavy competition.

It's recommended that you look for a table that's covered in a waterproof coating, such as melamine. This will add durability and a longer life to your table, as well as making clean up a breeze.


Portability includes the tables overall weight, and its ability to fold. The best beer pong tables are always foldable and easy to transport, making tailgating and tournament play much easier.

The choice of portability is one of personal choice, all dependent on the intended use for the table.

Can It Handle Extreme Temperatures?

A large part of a beer pong tables durability comes from whether or not it can handle the demands of extreme temperatures and temperature changes.

Materials like aluminum will ensure that your table will pass the temperature test while tailgating in sub-zero temperatures.

The Best Ping Pong Table with Speakers Reviewed

8-Foot Beer Pong Table with Optional Cup Holes, LED Glow Lights, Dry Erase Surface

8Foot Beer Pong Table with Optional Cup Holes, LED Glow Lights, Dry Erase Surface

Party Ping Tables has brought us this amazing addition to the world of beer pong tables.

This 8-foot beer pong table with speakers is packed with optional extras, stable legs, LED glow lights and optional cup holders.

Coming in at a very affordable price, this table comes standard with anodized aluminum framing and legs, making it one of the most durable tables on the market today.

Strong enough to withstand extreme temperatures, any liquids, and physical abuse while still being able to fold away conveniently into a 2x2-foot briefcase for easy transport, travel and storage.

This beer pong table comes with holes as an optional extra to help keep your pong cups in place. They prevent them for sliding and spilling all over the table.

The optional LED lights add an extra dimension to your gaming fun with awesome lighting effects which are visible during the day or night. 

These battery-powered LED glow light strips will definitely add another dimension to your playing experience, boasting 20 different colors, 20 different light modes, and adjustable speed and brightness.

The Bluetooth speakers that come with this beer pong table are an option extra, but they mean the party can follow you wherever you go.


  • 8-foot Beer pong table
  • Cup holders
  • LED lights and dry erase surface
  • 4 dry erase pens
  • Adjustable LED lights
  • Wax finishing to deflect liquids
  • High resolution graphics with attached beer pong ball holder
  • Optional bluetooth speakers

The Not-So-Good

Of the reviews that have been placed about this table, the main concern seems to be the table top itself.

Some have had experiences of the table warping and buckling, while others have had some negative experiences with the waterproofing of the table.

Although these issues are very few and far between, it's something that you should be aware of.


In closing I think that this beer pong table with holes is the way to go if you're in mode of buying a beer pong table. Complete with all the necessary party equipment, speaker and lights, this table is sure to be a hit wherever you take it.

If you've played much beer pong, you'll definitely find the video below funny. 

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