Guide to the Best Air Hockey Table Brands

By Mike W / March 23, 2017
best air hockey table brands

Air hockey is a great game. Whether you are after something to entertain your kids or your mates, this old faithful arcade game is the way to do it. So how do you re-visit your arcade days in your own home? You purchase an air hockey table of your own. However, with so many styles and designs available, it can be a tough decision. I have found five of the best air hockey table brands and reviewed them for you. Read on to check out how they measure up when it comes to size, design, versatility and budget. You'll be sure to find just what you're looking for.


Playcraft offers both tabletop and full-size air hockey tables. They are a brand that will cater for any space. If you are looking to deck out a games room, their full-size tables are very reasonably priced as well as looking smart and professional. For those who want to combine fun for all ages into a smaller space, the tabletop version is perfect. It can easily be set up on any existing surface and the smaller size makes it perfect for the younger player.

My recommendation from Playcraft is the 40-inch Table Top Table. It is perfect when space is an issue as it can simply be placed on any surface such as a dining room table and be stored neatly out of sight when not in use. This table is ideal for children due to its small size, ‘play-anywhere’ set up and low price. Adults might struggle to play on the smaller table, so this one may have to be left to the kids!


For air hockey tables to suit smaller budgets, look no further than Triumph. They offer a great range of versatile tables to ensure hours of entertainment. The smaller size tables are great for children, whilst the larger tables will keep adults occupied with plenty of opportunities to re-live their childhood arcade days.

If you are after a table that will suit both slightly older children and adults, the Fire’n’Ice LED Light Up 5 Foot Table is just what you are looking for. Sure, some adults may find it a little on the small side, but at a very competitive price, it’s a small issue to cope with. The cross-braced legs provide stability and you don’t have to worry about buying pushers and a puck, as they are included. Lights flash when a goal is scored, meaning no more arguments over whether a goal should be counted – plus it looks amazing!

The most difficult thing with the Fire’n’Ice Table is tearing yourself away from playing.


Atomic are one of the best air hockey table brands. Priced slightly higher than many competitors, you will find variety and hours of high-quality entertainment. With a large range of commercial-sized tables on offer, Atomic is your go-to brand if you have the space and budget that will allow for it.

If you are looking for an addition to your games room that serves more than just an air hockey purpose, check out the 2-in-1 Flip Table. It will cost you slightly more than other 7 foot tables, but you will also be able to play billiards. To switch between games, simply flip the table over and click it into place. You will need to be careful when doing this with children as their fingers are susceptible to getting caught.


Harvil’s tabletop air hockey table is on par with many other tabletop varieties. If you are after a freestanding table, Harvil is sure to meet your needs. They offer tables in a variety of sizes – smaller ones to suit younger players and larger, commercial-sized table for the adults. Harvil air hockey tables are cheaper than many other brands, making them great fun on a budget!

If you are interested in a Harvil table, my recommendation is the 7-foot Full-Size Table. It is a modern looking full-sized table that will cater to adults and most children, and it won’t break the bank. L-style legs and levellers ensure strength and stability during even the most competitive if games. Paddles and pucks are included, and with the easy set-up, you’ll be playing in no time!


If budget and space allow for it, Monarch has a range of superior products that are second to none. Made from sturdy materials they are built to stand the test of time and will be a worthwhile investment in your games room.

The Monarch AeroMaxx is a top-notch design with a sleek wooden look and a unique overhead arch with a two-person scorer. The strong air-vents create a smooth glide for your puck and fun for the whole family. It is a fair bit of money to spend solely on an air hockey table, but if you know you love the game, then you can’t go wrong.

In Conclusion

An air hockey table is an asset to any game-loving household. Finding the best air hockey table brands can be a hard task, but lucky for you, the work has been done. This guide will help you make an informed decision and get playing the great game of air hockey!

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