The Best Dart Board: Complete Reviews Guide

By Mike W / November 16, 2017
best dart board

What’s more fun than playing a game of darts with your family and friends?

Why not buy your own dartboard and avoid wasting your time driving to a bar or a place that has one?

The next question you’re probably asking is what's the best dartboard to buy and does it really matter which one I choose? The answer is yes, it does matter!

There are so many different models and styles so I’ve put together a list of my top five dartboards with the best reviews.

This guide will, I’m sure, be very helpful in narrowing down your search and help you to find the best dartboard out there!

The Best Dart Boards Reviewed

Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard

Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard

This staple-free dartboard is made of exceptional quality, super-dense sisal that's woven extremely tight which helps the board to last and heal.

I love the fact that this dart board has triangular wiring which deflects the darts into your target area for top scoring capabilities.

It also has high-tensile steel wiring which helps with scoring and durability.

This exceptional professional level dartboard has great reviews and very few bounce outs which make it one of the best dartboards you could buy that will last you many years.

This dartboard definitely is a strong contender in my top five.

DMI Bandit Staple-Free Bristle Dartboard

This is my second-best dart board choice.

It's been named the Official World Cup Dart Board since 1999 and has been sanctioned by the WDF.

Once special feature of this dart board is that it uses a very advanced approach to wiring. 

DMI Bandit Staple Free Bristle Dartboard

The thin steel bands interlock and are embedded into the bristles preventing the dart from bouncing out of the dividers.

This really helps if you’re a serious player and following the specific dartboard regulation distance rules. I strongly recommend this sturdy dartboard for its quality and great price.

This certainly is one of the good dart boards to choose and would make a great addition to any man cave.

Nodar Supawires 2 Bristle Dartboard

This pick is perfect for any dart board enthusiast and has the support of the American Dart Organization for its exceptional value and quality.

The sisal fibers are east African and very tightly woven to provide fantastic healing.

Nodor Supawires 2 Bristle Dartboard

I adore the fact that the board dividers are extremely thin and curved to help guide the darts into the right spots. It has a number ring that's detachable and is very easy to mount on your wall.

This dart board also has fantastic reviews on Amazon. All in all, I really rate this dart board and it without a doubt deserves a spot in my top five.

DMI Bristle Dartboard Cabinet

The DMI dart board is truly gorgeous with its attractive oak wood housing and replaceable chalkboard scorers on each side.

The sisal material is self-healing and will last your family a lifetime.

DMI Bristle Dartboard in Oak Finish Cabinet

This elegant, classy dart board would make a perfect addition to any games room. The sisal fibers are high quality and are very resilient, smooth and built for repeated punctures.

There are very few staples scattered throughout the boards surface. I simply love the fact that the oak doors store the dart holder, chalkboard and score charts.

This unit has everything you need and I highly recommend it.

Viper 797 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

I wanted to include an electric dart board in my top five as it offers simplicity and tracks your score making it very effective and simple way to start playing.

This dart board is truly a beauty with 32 built in games with 171 different variations.

Viper 797 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

It has an LCD screen which is very bright and can keep score for up to 16 players while also reminding the person of whose turn it is.

This board is high-quality nylon and the dividers are curved which helps steer the dart. It also has slots to house your darts so they never go missing.

I also think that the stylish black, silver and red colors make this board very attractive.


There certainly is a huge selection of dart boards to chose from out there. The main choice you have to start with is whether to go for a bristle board or an electric board.

I’m more partial to the bristle board but they do both have their good points and features.

I hope this article can help you narrow down the best dartboard for you and your family.

There really is nothing like having your very own dartboard and truly is the only way to go. It will offer endless evenings of fired up competition and loads of fun with friends and family.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your dartboard.

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