Best Foosball Table: Complete Reviews Guide For 2017

By Mike W / March 23, 2017
best foosball table

Are you in the market for the Best Foosball Table? Have you been looking around online to find the answers to what you need? It can be hard to sift through all the information out there and make the best decision.

We have scoured the internet and gone through all the best foosball table reviews to find you the one you are hoping for. You will no longer need to wonder if you are finding the best quality foosball table – just follow this trusted guide.

To gather this information, I’ve looked at quality, craftsmanship, prices and even safety aspects of various tables to compile my favorites for you. In this process, I have also carefully read through all of the foosball table reviews to see exactly what the users think.

Whether you are just looking to have a little fun with the kids or you are ready for a major competition with your closest friends, this guide will be an invaluable resource to you.

5 Best Foosball Tables Compared



Free Standing




Best Choice Products 48'' Foosball Table


Pale Wood


Tornado Sport Foosball Table




Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table




EastPoint Sports Newcastle 54inch Foosball Table


Dark Wood


Carrom 530.00 Signature Foosball Table




How To Choose The Best Quality Foosball Table

There are some things that you will need to know before picking your dream table. First and foremost, you are going to want a table made of the highest quality. There is no sense spending money to upgrade your game room, only to have it wasted when the table doesn’t live up to the usage expectations you have for it.

It would be vitally important to read through foosball table reviews so you can get a real feel for what tables are made of quality materials based on the feedback of what other users are saying. You can learn the ins and outs of every aspect of the prospective table – from putting it together to the ease of play once assembled. Reading through all the reviews yourself can be time-consuming and cumbersome, but no worries, I did it for you.

Finally, you will want to be sure to consider your budget. Are you financially able to buy the top of the line table today? If so, that will be your best choice in the long run. If you aren’t able to do that, there are plenty of lower dollar options that will give you your money’s worth as well.

best rated foosball table

Basics Of The Foosball Table

You will also want to understand the workings and options of a foosball table before you purchase one. First, you might notice that there are different goalie systems on various tables. Some choose to use a one-man goalie system while others prefer a three-man system. This is a personal preference to the player and you can find high-quality tables of either configuration.

You will also want a table that has counterweighted and counterbalanced foosball men. This will stop the players from swinging back into a vertical position after you release them. If you don’t have this feature, it is possible that you will block your own shots.

Many tables are made of a wood laminate thereby making it lighter. They are still quite sturdy and not nearly as expensive as your wood models. Either one of these options can blend nicely with your furniture, but heavier models will be more stable.

Be aware that many people have started to buy plastic foosball tables due to the low cost, but these tend to lack in stability and overall performance as a tradeoff. You will have to weigh what is more important to you.

5 Top Foosball Table Reviews

When beginning my search, there was one table that struck my attention immediately!

The Best Choice Products 48’ Foosball Table is a bestseller on Amazon and for good reasons. It is constructed of a medium density fiberboard and chrome finished steel rods which will create a sturdy and stable table for gameplay – which everybody desires.

​There is even a cup holder on each side, so you never have to leave the game to get a drink – making this the perfect table for parties. On top of that, it features a friction-free surface with 

Best Choice Products 48'' Foosball Table

no dead zones for seamless play. You will never have to stop again to move the ball, just keep playing.

Many of the reviewers of this table suggest that it is not only perfect for competitive games but also for kids to enjoy with their friends. This table is a winner when it comes to an all-around great table and the price tag is reasonable and affordable for everybody. This is a great table to get you started, which is why I made it my first choice.

Coming in at a close second place and after lots of investigation, I concluded that the Tornado Sport Foosball Table would also be one of the Best Foosball Tables.

It features a mahogany melamine finish that is sure to last a lifetime. I also love that it comes with a 4.6-star rating at Amazon, which tells me that people love this table.

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

The Tornado Brand is known for its different style and high control of ball play. They use the highest quality of materials and are nationally recognized in competitions, in fact, this table is used on the Pro Foosball Tour and many other major competitions in the U.S. If it is good enough to be used in the competitions, it is good enough for you and me as well.

The surface of this table is level and will not suffer from warping. You will also find that it is not susceptible to dents or scratches. This is one of the heavier tables I looked at, but there is a plus side to a table that weighs more. When the game gets aggressive, the table will not shake or move, making for a much smoother play.

The price is a little higher on this table than the others I’ve chosen, but far worth it when you look at the quality.

This list wouldn’t be complete without a space-saving choice. If you are interested in finding a tabletop version of a foosball table, either to save room or money, then this Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table would be the right choice for you.

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

It is currently one of the best-rated foosball tables on the market and is compact enough to offer portability and even easy storage when not in use. You could take this to your vacation home and over to a friend’s house as well.

This version offers the three-man goalie and even rubber handles with grooves for a strong grip. Just because you are buying a small version of a foosball table does not mean you are lacking in features or quality.

You will also find that they’ve created the playing field out of MDF rather than particle board or plastic and it is also fashioned with strong L-shaped legs designed to endure hours of competitive play. Look no further to find your best tabletop foosball table in this model.

You won’t even have to worry about marking up your floors, tabletops, or other furniture because they’ve installed non-marking rubber pads on the bottom to prevent scratches. Want to keep score of who is winning? With this model you can, just use the slidable scoring system available at both ends.

How about those of you that want the full-blown competition? If you are looking for a 54-inch, competition sized foosball table, then the EastPoint Sports Newcastle 54-Inch foosball table is one of your best quality foosball table choices!

​It is the perfect size for either a 2-player or

EastPoint Sports Newcastle 54inch Foosball Table

4-player match and is made with a sturdy construction to last a long time. This is one of your best options if you are looking to have matches with more people involved.

The finish is going to resist wear and the bead style scoring is perfect for keeping track of the winner. This table also features high performance, player rod bushings for optimal spin and slide maneuvers. Unlike a lot of other tables, you will also find oversized leg levels on this model, perfect for creating that even playing surface you desire.

This model is one of the best home foosball tables on the market right now and is going to be the hit of your next party, especially if you are looking for some competition. Surprisingly, the price tag on this model is quite low making this perfect for those on a budget.

Is it important to you that your next foosball table is made in the United States? If so, then the Carrom 530.00 Signature Foosball Table might be the right choice for your household.

This table is actually tested for durability and made in the United States. It also comes with a 1-inch Moroccan finish to add class to your

Carrom 530.00 Signature Foosball Table

game room. This is probably one of the more stylish foosball tables I researched.

This foosball table is the best considering it is manufactured with premium bearings for fast and smooth spinning as well as a leveled playing field to keep from any dead spots.

The leg levelers will allow you to adjust the height and steadiness to your liking, even on an un-level floor. This feature is a must have if you are dealing with a surface that is slightly less than perfect.

It also has one or three player goalie options perfect for making this a leader in premium game tables.

Keep in mind that this table would be on the higher end of the price spectrum, but perfect if you are looking for a long term investment. Be sure to also check out its wood-beaded scoring system so you can boast about how skilled you are.

Other Considerations Before Purchasing

If you are struggling to determine which of these is the best for you, there are some things you could consider that would make your decision a little easier. First, how much space do you have? If you have room for a competition sized foosball table then go all out. If you live in an apartment, however, you may want to consider your game play on a tabletop version instead.

Make sure you also consider safety measures in your decision. Some lower cost versions will neglect to put on black, plastic caps on the rods which can cause injury. They may also skimp on the padding between the table and the rod. Fingers can often get caught in this area and cause painful damage. Both of these issues can be avoided by doing your research and purchasing wisely. These things are even more important when kids will be using the table.

Take into consideration what level of play you are going to need. If the game will only be played by children, you probably don’t need a top of the line model. If however, you are looking to hold matches with your closest friends and you are serious about your game, you will need to go all out and purchase a table with solid rods that can move smoothly. You will also want your surface to be completely flat and a table that withstands lots of wear.


Take your time and weigh everything that is important to you. Are you valuing your space and looking to have fun without spending a lot of money? Are you more concerned with a quality game that will last for many years to come? Whatever your answers, there is a table that is right for you!

Whether your choice is a lower cost tabletop version or the top of the line competition sized foosball table, you can feel proud knowing that you did your research and made the best decision based on your needs. There truly is a foosball table available for every budget.

Just imagine, your family will spend more time in a friendly competition and your friends will be sure to come to your house for lively get-togethers. You can be the life of any party.

Be sure to check out the inside information video on professional foosball.

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