Pop Up Summer Fun: The Best Inflatable Pool On The Market

By Mike W / November 5, 2017
best inflatable pools

When it comes to having fun in the sun, nothing beats a dip in the backyard pool. Unfortunately, your own personal swimming pool is expensive and requires lots of space and maintenance.

The good news is, despite a low budget and minimal space, there's a product that will work for you – the inflatable pool. Coming in a huge range of sizes and shapes, finding the best inflatable pool can be no easy task.

Here’s where I come in. This article will provide you with all you need to know about inflatable pools, so you can be cooling off in no time.

What Makes a Good
Inflatable Pool?

Before you rush out to buy just any old inflatable pool, there are few factors you need to consider.


This isn't just relevant to the amount of space you have to put the pool in, but also the size of the people who intend to use it.

Children will easily be satisfied in small, wading-style pool (both in diameter and depth).

Adults will generally need a larger pool. However, if just lounging around and keeping cool is the aim then depth won’t matter so much.

Of course, if you want your pool to mimic an ordinary pool, you'll need a large, deep one.


Due to the fact that inflatable pools are filled with air, they're susceptible to deflating. The more durable the material, the less likely it is that you'll experience deflating due to a puncture or tear.

The best inflatable pools are made from the strongest materials.

Built-in Features

If the pool is for children, finding a pool with fun features such as slide will add to the level of entertainment.

A shade shelter would be beneficial to both adults and children. Larger pools need some kind of filter, so it’s always best to try and find one that has an included filter.


Nobody wants to play in a dirty pool. Most inflatable pools have the ability to be connected to a pump or filter system.

If it doesn't, you'll need to add chemicals or some kind of filter system in order to ensure the pool is clean and safe.

Using a cover is another option to help keep your pool clean.

Intex Inflatable Pool Reviews 

Oval Frame Pool Set

Intex 20ft x 12ft x 48in Oval Frame Pool Set

Intex creates some of the best inflatable pools, and this one is no exception.

All the necessary accessories are included, such as a ladder, filter pump, ground sheet and pool cover.

The pool is large enough for adults, and strong enough too!

With powder coated steel frames for extra support, you can splash away without fear of the pool breaking or losing its shape.

The ladder provides easy access, both in and out of the pool, making it accessible for young children.

Set-up time is an incredibly quick 30 minutes. An informative, instructional DVD is included. You’ll be cooling off in no time.

As far as Intex inflatable pool reviews go, this one is outstanding.

Many customers marvel at its simple set up and filtration system, and the price is very reasonable too.

Pros and Cons

The Intex 20ft x 12ft x 48in is large enough to feel like an ordinary backyard swimming pool.

You're able to fully submerge yourself underwater and swim a little distance, unlike some other inflatable pools where you're confined to a seated position.

The included accessories such as the ladder, filter, ground sheet and cover, all help you keep your pool clean, safe and accessible.

 The best thing about an inflatable pool is that you can drain it, fold it and store it when you don't need to use it in the cooler months.

On the other hand, there's always the risk of a tear (even with the most durable material). Despite an instructional DVD, set up may cause confusion and frustration for some.

Small children may struggle to get in and out of the pool, and there's no option for jumping in off the side, as with an ordinary pool.

You also require a large, flat space for the pool. This may create the need for a professional to level your yard, a hidden cost many consumers don’t think about.

However, the overall cost is far cheaper than an in-ground pool. It’s the perfect solution for cooling off on a hot day.

In Conclusion

If you're after an inflatable pool that's more than just a small wading pool, Intex is the brand for you.

The 20ft x 12ft x 48in is a great size for both playing and relaxing, it really is one of the best inflatable pools.

All you have to do is put on your swimmers and some sunscreen, grab your towel and jump in!

Here's a video on setting up your Intex Frame Pool.

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