Buying The Best Ping Pong Paddle For Spin: What To Look For

By Mike W / November 9, 2017
best ping pong paddle for spin

So you’re looking for a new racket for your ping pong table?

You’re not looking for just any racket you want one that's going to really give you spin on your ball.

You're completely overwhelmed at the huge selection you have to choose from. How will you ever choose with all the different options out there? 

Look no further! I've discovered the best ping pong paddle for spin that you could ever find.

The pre-made Pro Carbon paddle designed by the global company Stiga is a perfect choice.

This paddle is perfect for switching up the direction and speed of your ball and helping you take it to the next level in your ping pong table games. 

What Makes the Stiga Paddle the Best Paddle for Spin?

Stiga has been creating these table tennis paddles for more than 70 years now. They're one of the world leaders in the sport of table tennis. You can trust their product and know that they're one of the elite in this area.

They use the most recent technology and state of the art equipment to create top of the line products. The perfect rubberized backing on this racket is what makes it stand out from other brands.

The rubber backing gives traction, grip and helps you have more management of the ball. If you want to add spin this is what will help you do it. Also, the rubberized backing will prevent your ball from slipping. 

After all, if you're ping pong player enthusiast you'll know that the more spin you can put on your ball the stronger you can whack it and still have it make contact with the table.

Now let’s get into more detail about the Stiga Pro Carbon Paddle. We'll discuss why it’s the best ping pong paddle for spin that you could possibly buy.

Stiga Pro Carbon Paddle

I love the Stiga Pro Carbon Paddle, not only for its reasonable price but for its exceptional quality, speed, spin and control.

This paddle has been accepted by the ITTF for tournament play. It was presented with a first-class performance rating.

It has carbon technology integrated into the handle which enables you to have more speed and power.

The paddle boasts a 7-ply very light blade and 2mm sponge.

Stiga Pro Carbon Paddle

They also use crystal technology to make the blade extremely hard and light which brings up your speed.

It also has WRB weight balance which means that when you hold the paddle and make contact with your ball it has natural balance to shift to point of contact.

The performance ratings on this paddle are 99 for speed, 100 for spin and 80 for control. The handle has a nice concave groove which enables you to comfortably hold it and make a good connection with your ball.

I also adore the fact that it’s the perfect paddle for any playing level, so you don’t have to be at a tournament playing level to enjoy it.

Next, let’s get into the nitty-gritty detail of the rubber used to make this paddle and why it’s so important when it comes to a table tennis racket.

Rubber Matters

The rubber really does matter when selecting the best ping pong paddle for spin. As mentioned briefly at the outset, this paddle is made from very high-quality premium rubber.

This Stiga Pro Carbon Paddle has S5 rubber which is comprised of new nanocomposite technology. Close-fitting connections in the rubber help you to build speed and spin.

The rubber has many tiny air-capsules built inside which make it ultra light and allows for maximum speed, elasticity and control.

It’s also beneficial to know that you can also change out the rubbers on this paddle when they've become worn. If you want to increase your spin and get those sweet shots you need to buy a paddle with premium S5 rubber.


The Stiga Pro Carbon Paddle will, without a doubt, help you deceive your opponent and get you that perfect spin shot that you never thought was possible.

Stiga does truly use the finest raw materials and has the best quality. I'll never buy any other brand of table tennis racket and recommend them to everyone!

Learn how to place your serve to add more strategy to your next game in this video. 

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