The Best Playing Cards Brands: Quality Reviews Guide

By Mike W / November 24, 2017
best playing cards brands

Do you think all playing card decks are created the same? Think again.

A good deck will be able to be handled again and again without ripping, fading or any other type of wear and tear. For the serious card player, the right brand is key to seamless shuffling, dealing, and playing.

You want a brand that's durable, has a lasting finish and no chance of fraying, making it obvious which cards are which! There are superior brands out there that provide amazing gameplay without the worry of wear and tear.

Our guide to the best playing cards brands will help you decide what’s best for that next game night.

Best Playing Card Brands Reviewed



Probably the most well-known brand when it comes to playing cards and for good reason.

Bicycle has set the bar when it comes to playing cards, having been a manufacturer of them for over 125 years.

This set of cards come with a patented air-cushioned finish with softly beveled edges and a sandwich construction.

The finish helps protect the cards from spilled liquids.

The cards have vibrant colours and detailed printing. Bicycle also realize that a standard deck doesn’t fit everyone’s card game needs and produce specific poker playing cards as well.

These are carefully put-together cards, with every detail kept in mind, which is why Bicycle cards are the best playing cards brand for everyday use. They’re even choice of many serious card players, including magicians!

You know when you pick Bicycle, you’re picking an all-around good quality deck.


Bee is another premium brand of playing cards.

You'll often find Bee playing cards in casinos. They also have a patented, protective finish and boasts having the greatest playing longevity than any other playing cards brands.

Dealers love the “snap” of Bee playing cards and how easy they are to deal and slide across the table. They're smooth, but not too 


slick. The backs are completely patterned across the whole card (no white border like other cards) which many magicians like.

Bee playing cards are the best choice for recreating a Vegas/casino night with friends.


Tally-Ho playing cards are great for any type of card game, but this deck is also one of the best playing card brands for magicians.

For those interested in cardistry, the linoid finish of Tally-Ho cards gives ease of card manipulation. Linoid finishes are sometimes preferred over air-cushioned.

Tally Ho

This prevent the cards from getting sticky and hold the quality for fanning. They don't have as much spring to them as an air-cushioned finish like on Bicycles.

They come in two unique, iconic backs for Tally-Ho, including the fan and circle patterns. The print, cut, and finish make Tally-Ho playing cards a great choice.


Hoyle has been a name in playing cards since the 1700’s!

This brand of playing cards use custom paper with a lamination process that keeps the cards strong complete with a Nevada finish that make it easy to shuffle and deal.

Their standard size is suitable for poker, and


they also produce high-quality large playing cards, great for those with sight issues and even helps with hand-eye coordination.

Hoyle also produces a 100% plastic deck, even more durable than paper cards. This deck is resistant to scratching, bending, and creasing.

They’re the best for cleaning too as they’re resistant to spills and dirt as well as they can even be washed.


Aviator is another well-respected playing card brand.

They were introduced in 1927 to mark Charles Lindbergh’s Trans-Atlantic flight on the Spirit of St. Louis.

They come with a plastic-coated paper card.


This makes for a sleek finish, but not as slippery as full plastic.

Aviator makes wonderful decks for specific types of games as well, like Pinochle. Fans of Aviator prefer them due to how strong they are compared to other decks.

They're a lightweight option compared to others on the list.


There’s no need to get a cheap deck of playing cards when they won’t last you very long. Go for quality, and they can last even a lifetime.

Every deck can have something different to offer, so it all depend on your needs and personal preference, whether you want a “springy” card or one that is slicker.

Reach for one of these best playing card brands for an enhanced playing experience.

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