The Best Pool Lights: Comprehensive Reviews Guide

By Mike W / November 7, 2017
best pool lights

Are you getting yourself ready for the summer months to come?

Right now you're probably preparing your pool for the warm weather parties to come.

How about nighttime dips in the pool? Do you have the pool lights you need to create a warm and inviting atmosphere?

The pool lights can single-handedly change the entire ambience of the backyard and create a warm and safe atmosphere. Follow my comprehensive guide to find the best pool lights for you.

Top Qualities Needed In Pool Lights

What's important when finding the best pool lights for your backyard haven?

You have two different types of lights to choose from, LED lights or fiber optic lights. LED lights have a long life to them and are relatively easy to change.

Fiber optic lights, on the other hand, are more dynamic in appearance, but they will come with a heftier price tag. They don’t tend to be as bright and they won’t normally last as long.

LED lights are also low cost and are the best choice if you're looking to live a green lifestyle. This is due to the energy efficiency of them.

Lots of people use LED lights in the house. Now it’s time to move them to the backyard pool and see what they can do.

Best Pool Lights Review

Intex LED Pool Wall Light

Intex LED Pool Wall Light

The highly rated Intex LED Pool Wall Light is my choice for the best pool lights to be used in your above ground pool.

They're completely magnetic and will adhere to any above ground pool wall that isn’t metal.

You don’t even need to think about batteries with these lights. They come complete with a 120v plug and 12v transformer and even a 23-foot power cord.

These are so easy to install as well. The two pieces connect together magnetically, simply put one side inside the pool and the other goes on the outside of the pool.

You could even buy a few of these to add even more light considering the price is so reasonable.

I don’t think you'll find that you need more than one, however, because they’re so bright.


  • This light comes with a budget friendly price.
  • You don’t need to worry about batteries.
  • The light is completely magnetic and comes with everything you need to get started.
  • It’s brighter than a 50-watt halogen pool light while maintaining excellent energy efficiency.


  • This light is only available for above ground pools.

Why Is a Pool Light Necessary?

If you swim at night without a light in your pool, it can be a little bit frightening. That isn’t the only reason that you should light up your space, there are plenty of other reasons as well.

For instance, what about the safety of your family? Swimming at night can be quite dangerous in the dark.

Another great reason for an investment in lights is that parties can go on longer. No more calling it quits at sunset, keep those parties going strong into the night.

With LED lighting you're going to create an amazing oasis in your yard. It isn’t going to look anything like that incandescent pool lighting that you got used to using back in the day.

Think about all the benefits you're receiving as a result of purchasing high-quality lights. You're spending very little money because LED lights are so efficient. You aren’t even going to notice the difference in your electric bill as a result.


There are truly no excuses to wait any longer. I’ve provided you with a comprehensive guide as to why LED lights for the pool are your best option and you’ve seen that the price is completely reasonable.

Now, all that's left to do is purchase those lights and get yourself ready for long summer nights of fun. Join a large number of people who give these lights rave reviews online.

Just imagine yourself enjoying cold beverages on a hot night, floating around your well-lit pool while gazing at the moon and stars. There’s nothing more tranquil than that.

Learn a few more pool lighting tips in the video below.

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