2017 Guide To The Best Pool Tables For The Money

By Mike W / November 14, 2017
best pool tables for the money

No proper household recreation room is complete without a classic pool table.

Not just any old pool table, but the authentic wood looking ones. You know the ones. They add that certain level of class to any game room to step up the competition and to entertain guests and family alike. 

When choosing a pool table, your main concerns are probably price and size.

When looking at the best pool tables for the money, you normally get what you pay for in terms of quality. Consider how often you’ll be playing along with the location you’ll be putting the table in.

Amazon has a ton of well priced pool tables, but you may be confused as to which to go with. It’s always best to go for well-known brands that have a good reputation for delivering quality, durable products that last.

Buying Guide To Pool Tables

If you’re looking for the best pool tables under $2000, you’ll be delving into the mid-range class of tables. 

Depending on the material used, mid-range tables can typically run between $800-$2000. This isn't to say that tables on the lower end of this spectrum are much worse quality, however.

Slate and slatron are common materials used, but many old school players would tell you to go with nothing but slate. However, advancements in technology have meant that slatron has really improved recently. 

The table you’re considering should be the centre of attention in your game room. You’ll want to make sure it fits appropriately so you aren’t bumping your cues against any walls.

These are all important points to consider when considering a table.

The Best Pool Table for the Money

Fat Cat Reno II

Fat Cat Reno II

The Reno II is sure to bring lots of excitement to any game room. It'll have all your friends and family looking forward to the next round. 

If you’re looking to get a high quality look in the best pool table for the money, this is it.

The attractive maple veneer finish on the legs and exterior give it that authentic and classic look that so many love.

Its cherry finish goes perfect with the red felt top and gives it a classy feel.

Fat Cat is one of the leaders in the mid-range pool table industry and you’re sure to get a good table when you go with their 7.5 foot long Reno II.

If you’ve had dreams of getting a pool table for your games room but could never afford to dish out the cash, or simply didn’t have the room for a full sized one, you’ll be happy to hear this.

Looking at it and playing it, you’d expect this table to be double what it's actually priced at. Its price is, however, not reflective of its quality. This is one of the best pool tables for the money. You’ll be getting a very high-quality product that you’d expect to pay much more for.

Each leg has levelers that allow you to adjust the height of the table as needed, or if the area is slightly uneven. The rubber bumpers around the table act as rails to keep the balls in play and they have a decent bounce.

Also included are all the accessories you need to get started playing right away: two 57” cues, brush, set of billiard balls and two pieces of chalk.

Pros and Cons

While the material of the table isn’t slate, it’s actually accuslate. As mentioned, old school players may recommend nothing but slate to play with.

While the best pool tables under $2000 may be of heavy duty slate, however, accuslate is a good material that can resist warping over time and can definitely compete with slate. Not to mention, Fat Cat provides a 7-year warranty on the accuslate.

The K66 rubber bouncers, while providing adequate bounce, may not be ideal for the more serious players.

While it may not be true slate, you’ll be pleased that the similar in quality accuslate makes the table cost a good bit less without over-sacrificing quality. Another plus to this table due to its accuslate manufacturing is the lower weight, however, it's still quite heavy.

True slate tables will be very heavy and difficult to maneuver without disassembling. Overall, it’s easy to assemble and makes a great looking piece of furniture for the occasional pool player.


While the Fat Cat Reno II isn't true slate, it provides a great alternative in a great price range with a 7-year guarantee on it.

Considering everything is high quality and looks the part, there’s no doubt why we’ve named this one the best pool table for the money.

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