The Best Tabletop Air Hockey Game For Your Home

By Mike W / March 23, 2017
best tabletop air hockey game

In your quest for the ultimate in home entertainment you’ll come across quite a lot of products. Some take up far too much space, and others aren’t fun to play all the time. That is unless you have discovered the best tabletop air hockey game on the market today.

Offering you hours of fun and excitement, while taking up little space, a tabletop air hockey game will surely make your home rec room or playroom the place to be.

Our number 1 choice for tabletop air hockey games come from one of the world’s fastest emerging game room equipment manufacturers. Sport Squad, with the aim of bringing friends and family closer together is a leader in the market.

What Makes For A Great Tabletop Air Hockey Game?

One of the most obvious criteria for any home entertainment air hockey game is the size of the table in relation to the size of the area you intend to use. Not everyone has the space for an enormous air hockey table to fit into their games area.  While not having one at all will certainly leave your gaming area lacking.

Durable construction is another important point when deciding on your air hockey table. Choosing a table that is strong and durable enough to handle hours of intense playing without showing signs of damage, or actually being damaged in such a way that the table becomes unusable, is something that is not to be overlooked. We all have a little competitive streak in us so you can expect things to get just a little heated.

Another very important criteria is the air flow that is provided by the table itself. Playing on a table that provides inadequate air flow results in a game that is better not being played at all. A consistent air flow will help to maintain a smooth-flowing game, while bringing excitement levels to a climax.

Properly rubberized paddles and rubberized table feet are further important features, providing stability to the table and ease of movement when taking your winning shot.

The height of your chosen air hockey table is another important decision-making factor. Not all tables have been manufactured to suit the height needs of kids, and choosing the best air hockey table for your kids is one that unquestionably comes with the table’s height in mind.

Finding a table that is the most user-friendly for your needs, as well as your home, are requirements that have to be taken into consideration when making your decision.

The Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table is an action-packed addition to any game room, and provides fun and excitement for family and friends of all ages.

The HX40 is electric-powered to provide and maintain a continuous, consistent airflow. This allows for hours of  fast and smooth air hockey action.

Ideal for your home, office, or community center the HX40 has been constructed from high-quality wood for super durability, and can be moved, packed, and stored easily, making it ideal for areas with limited space.

The HX40 comes standard with rubberized, non-marking feet so that it won’t damage or scuff your floors, tabletops, counters, and other furniture, making it one of the best air hockey tables for kids.

The goal boxes return the puck easily and while the manual scorers will help you keep track of who is winning, and who needs some more practice.


  • Table top design for added portability and convenient storage
  • High-quality fan provides smooth surface for fast, lasting action
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Two pucks and two pushers
  • Goal boxes and manual scorers
  • AC adapter

The Down Side

Although this tabletop air hockey table is the best around today, there have been a few reviews to the contrary. The biggest downside to this product is that people have found the fan to stop working shortly after purchase.

Although this condition is rather few and far between, it is something to keep in mind when receiving your purchase, and something that should be checked immediately upon the receipt of your package.


Whether choosing the HX40 as birthday or Christmas gift, or simply to add to your games room, this is by far the best tabletop air hockey game.

Ideally suited to fit in a small space and provide hours of daily fun and excitement, it is one of the best decisions you can make to fill that little extra room in your gaming space. Ideal for young kids and grandparents alike, this air hockey table is one that is sure to get blood pumping and pulses racing.

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