A Guide to the Best Youth Baseball Sunglasses

By Mike W / November 15, 2017
best youth baseball sunglasses

A good pair of sports sunglasses can really improve your baseball game. You need to be able to see the ball clearly with no glare or interference from the sun.

However, it’s not always easy to find a pair that's suitable for the game. Not just any sunglasses will do!

What Should I Look For In Baseball Sunglasses?


This is an important safety issue as you're using them for sport. 

A good material like polycarbonate is shatterproof and will protect your eyes in the event that you are struck in the face.

Wraparound Sunglasses

As you’re moving, often at speed, you need glasses with a comfortable, snug fit that aren't going to shift or fall off as you move. The perfect solution is wraparound sunglasses.

Lens Color

There are a number of lens color options that each have a variety of benefits depending on circumstances.

Blue, yellow and gray are good options.

Mirrored glasses are also useful in preventing your opponents seeing where you're looking so it gives you the element of surprise.

Polarized glasses are also a good option as they give a very crisp view that's clear. They're also good at blocking harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

Top 5 Best Youth Baseball Sunglasses

We've taken a good look at the youth sunglasses that are currently available on the market and studied the design, materials and other features

Buyers give honest feedback, both good and bad. From this, we were able to narrow it down to the top choices that are available. Let’s take a look.

Under Armour Nitro L Storm Sunglasses

Under Armour Nitro L Storm Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses

Sunglasses measurements:

Lens width: 59 millimeters

Bridge: 20 millimeters

Arm: 125 millimeters

             2.5" high

             2.7" wide

One of the highest rated sunglasses, the Under Armour Nitro glasses come in white or clear with gray polarized lenses with a choice of an orange or blue mirror finish.

They have a lightweight plastic frame as well as a plastic lens. The best part is that they're polarized, giving you 100% UVA, UVB and UVC ray protection.

Other features include a larger cut for maximum comfort and protection from the sun.

The frames are constructed from durable armourfusion with cam hinges for safety and strength. They've also used unique air flow technology for ultimate comfort.

Armoursight lenses improve peripheral vision by as much as 20% and give you distortion-free vision. They utilized military-grade impact-resistance, making them 10x stronger than polycarbonate lenses.

The armourfusion flex frame technology means that they will retain their shape while still being durable and comfortable. You don’t get much better than Zeiss lenses, probably the top lens maker in the world.

These glasses come with a free carry case for protection when not in use.

XtremeUV - Half Frame Sunglasses

Sunglasses measurements:

Full Width: 133 mm (5.25")

Full Height: 40 mm (1.55"), Lens

Lens Width: 147 mm (5.8")

XtremeUV Half Frame Sunglasses

These are suitable for youngsters ranging from 8-16. They're great for baseball but also suitable for cycling and running. These are big sellers and the feedback from customers was very positive.

They're available in a range of 14 colors and have been designed for function as well as fashion. The lens width is 145 mm.

XtremeUV are non-polarized with a plastic frame and a plastic lens. They offer UV400 standard - 100% UV Protection and the package includes a drawstring pouch.


Sunglasses measurements:

Full Width: 128 mm (5.05")

Full Height: 36 mm (1.4")

Lens Width: 52 mm (2.05")

X Loop

The X-Loop sunglasses are suitable for ages 3 to 12 and can also be used for running and cycling.

These frames and lenses are made of quality plastic that's durable and lightweight. The lenses are non-polarized with a width of 52 millimeters. They offer UV400 (100% UV Protection).

A drawstring pouch is included.

Duco Kids Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses measurements:

Lens height: 33mm (1.29inches)

Lens width: 55mm (2.16inches)

Leg length: 110mm(4.3inches)

Nose bridge: 20mm (0.78inches)

Total length: 115mm-135mm (4.52-5.31inches)

Duco Kids Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses Rubber Flexible Frame For Boys And Girls

The Duco sunglasses have a composite polarized lens with a width of 55 millimeters. They offer UV400 100% UV protection against UVA, UVB & UVC rays. This also reduces glare and minimizes eye strain.

The lenses are lightweight and durable while also being scratch and impact resistant. Duco offers a 30-day money back guarantee.​

Naga Sports Youth UV400 Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses measurements:

Frame Height: 40mm

Frame Width:132 mm

Lens Width: 49mm

Temple Arm Length: 125mm

Bridge Width: 15mm

Naga Sports Youth Teenager UV400 Polarized Sunglasses for Baseball

The Naga youth sunglasses are perfect for baseball and are also suitable for biking, running or fishing. They're ideal for kids aged 5 to 10.

They're available in a wide range of color options for both the frame as well as the lens.

This product has a plastic polarized lens with a width of 49 millimeters. They will provide full protection from UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays and have additional polarization to eliminate glare.

7 layer Triacetate TAC lenses provide increased durability and impact resistance that's up to ANSI standards.

They have a durable TR90 nylon frame that's also lightweight and flexible.

These sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.​


A good quality pair of sunglasses will help your child improve their performance when playing baseball while also protecting their eyes from harmful UV rays. As an added bonus, they look great!

The video below explains the different lens colours available in the market.

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