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By Mike W / June 2, 2017
electric scooter for toddlers

With summer approaching, the kids will have a lot of time to spend outdoors. It’s a great time to get the family together for walks in the sunshine, but sometimes the youngest family members are not able to keep up with the rest.

One fun way to rectify this is an electric scooter for toddlers. There are a lot out there to choose from, but you will want something that is safe and durable for your child to learn on.

Our guide to the best electric scooter for kids will help you discover just that!


Scooters are great fun for kids, but they need to be safe first and foremost. They also need to be the appropriate size for little legs! If a scooter is too big then your child won’t be able to keep it under control.

The handlebars should come up to the hip/waist area. Look for three to four wheeled scooters. These provide extra stability and comfort. Scooters for toddlers are often made out of plastic, making them lightweight and easy to manouver.

Going electric brings an element of fun too. Scooters are also great for balance and coordination skills.

Pulse Safe Start Electric Scooter

Product Overview

Pulse Safe Start Electric Scooter

Pulse Safe Start have the perfect motorized scooters for kids with their three-wheel electric scooter model.

It is a 6-volt, battery-operated model with an easy push gradual acceleration and smooth deceleration (no sudden starts or stops!).

It does not go any faster than 1.75 mph. A fully-charged battery will last up to 40 minutes.

The deck surface measures 16” x 9”, so it’s quite a large surface area for little feet, and it’s nonslip too! The deck sits quite low so it’s easy to get onto.

The steering has a 43-degree angle range, perfect for easy manouverability. There are three urethane wheels that make for a smooth ride. It also comes with a charging unit.

This electric scooter for toddlers measures 25.04” L x 14.09” W x 25.43 H. It holds up to 50 pounds and is recommended for ages three and up.

Pulse Safe Start have several cool character designs to choose from! There are Disney Princesses, Spiderman, Frozen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more! Kids will love scooting around with their favorite characters and that, combined with all the great features, makes this the best motorized scooter for kids.​

Pros & Cons

There has been some concern over this scooter having no brakes, but it has gradual acceleration and deceleration. It does not even reach 2 mph so stopping is nearly immediate anyway. There’s also not a whole lot of power in this scooter for getting up hills, but it’s perfect for learning on.

The handlebars do not adjust. They are at the correct height for the average toddler. When your child grows, you will need a new, taller scooter. This scooter also requires some assembly, but this is fairly easy and straightforward. Your kids will be on their new scooter in no time!

The design only comes in certain characters, so if your child doesn’t particularly love any of them then you might be stuck for choice. However, the most popular characters are featured so hopefully that won’t be an issue.

Despite the limited choice of characters, this is still the best electric kick scooter for kids in terms of safety.

It’s been said that learning how to “drive” these scooters build confidence and therefore helps with a child’s social and emotional development.

This is in addition to the crucial balance and coordination skills learned from these scooters. A major plus!

Power Wheels Lil' Quad


Power Wheels Lil' Quad

If you don’t think your child is quite ready for steering a scooter to stand on, try the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Lil’ Quad.

This motorized scooter for kids is also perfect for toddlers! It has a stop and go button on the handles and it only goes forward at 2 mph.

What’s great about the Lil’ Quad is that it can also drive over grass with ease as the tires are quite tough and rugged plastic.

Kids love the cargo carrier on the back where they can tote around their favorite toys.

This is great for the smallest of family members, ages 1-3 and up to 40 pounds. It’s a good electric scooter for toddlers who aren’t quite ready for the other stand up one, but this is a great alternative and good way to get your child to learn how to steer before moving onto bigger ones.

With Power Wheels, you know you’re getting Fisher Price quality. The Lil’ Quad comes with a bumper-to-bumper warranty for a full year. All of their products have been tried and tested for quality assurance and safety.

This would not do well on hardwood floors as the wheels need something to grip on. The colour for this model is predominately blue, but you can also get other colors. Prices will vary depending on the color, however.

This scooter only needs minor assembly, but you will need to put the decals on yourself. It also comes with a charger.

Overall, this is the best electric scooter for kids who may not even be steady on their feet yet.


The best kids electric scooter will be one that is safe and reliable, and that’s the Pulse Safe Start electric scooter for toddlers. Not only do they have fun characters that kids love on them, but they are designed just for little people!

The speed is perfect to learn on, with the right height handlebars and low center of gravity making kids feel confident to ride on. It’s great for balance and coordination and will make way for bigger scooters or bicycles as they grow.

Don’t forget the helmets for extra protection!

Here is a video of how you can have your toddlers start with using a scooter.

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