Harvard Foosball Table: Complete Reviews Guide

By Mike W / March 23, 2017
harvard foosball table

If you’re a foosball player or fan, you’ve certainly heard of the Harvard brand. They’re owned by the parent company Escalade sports, which creates a whole line of good quality arcade games and fitness equipment.

Harvard is probably best known in the foosball table circuit as a reliable and durable table with fun for the whole family. Read our Harvard foosball table review to find one that will suit your household.

Harvard 4-Foot Foosball Table

This Harvard foosball table is a great table for those limited by space. If you’re currently living in a dorm, or condo, this table is just the right size to tuck into a small room.

If you’re living in a full sized home but just don’t have space for a full-size foosball table, this is the one for you too! The rods are made of 1/2” chrome and the players are painted for high visual appeal.

It comes with a built-in slide scorer and highly durable black rubber handles that will stand the test of time despite some pretty heated tournaments. The surface area is 41” x 22 ¾”.

Harvard 4 Foot Foosball Table

Pros: ​Designed to fit into small spaces, light enough to be moved around easily.

Cons: Lessened playing space.​

A great Harvard foosball starter table for those just getting into the game or trying it out for the family.​

Harvard G01888W Mid Fielder Soccer Table

Harvard’s Mid Fielder table is a more classic design with a bit of a sturdier build than the 4-foot version.

It’s outfitted with chrome steel crossbars and chrome plated steel rods; the wooden handles are octagon shaped, giving it a great grip during play.

Harvard G01888W Mid Fielder Soccer Table

The cup holders are a thoughtful touch, so you and your buddies can keep your drink of choice close during a tournament. The wood scoring systems make it easy to keep track of who’s on a winning streak! At 186 pounds, this table is solid but won’t take an army to move out of the way.

Pros: More of sturdy design, the classic look appeals to those who want a traditional look to their foosball table. Drink holders is a simple addition, but one that tends to appeal to a variety of players.​

Cons: The legs are sturdy and won’t buckle under pressure, but they’re not adjustable like some other table brands. You could still use shims to level it if your floor isn’t up to par, but it would take some more effort to either raise or lower the height.​

Summary: A great table with a nice, simple design that will please most players.​

Harvard foosball tables are a great, technology free way to enjoy time with friends and family – they’re a quality item that will stand the test of time and be around for years of enjoyment to come.

As an added bonus, here is a video on how to improve your pull shots for future games.

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