Top Rated Ping Pong Table Brands: Reviews Guide

By Mike W / March 26, 2017
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With your own ping pong table, you and your family can have hours of fun come rain or shine. Whether it's for your home games room, your garden or garage you will want to know that you will be getting the best value for money but also from reputable ping pong brands. It's not like you can try out all different kinds of tables, after all, it’s an investment!

You may have done some research already and noticed lots of table tennis tables, these are exactly the same as ping pong tables as the only difference is in the rules and techniques of the game, the tables, however, are one of the same.

Within our guide, we have chosen the top 5 ping pong brands based on reviews, customer feedback, and performance.

JOOLA - Inside Table with Net Set

This brand is one of the best on the market when it comes to ping pong table brands.

Specializing in all kinds of tables ranging from inside and outside tables to different sizes too, this brand definitely has a variety, and so you can trust this brand knows what they are doing. Joola has been regularly selected as the official table for many world competition events.

Their Inside Table with Net Set is a great competition-grade table that comes with a sturdy wooden surface for a consistent ball bounce, is a good option for a solo player, and is great for anywhere in your home.

JOOLA Inside Table with Net Set

STIGA - Advantage Table

Over the years STIGA has been manufacturing ping pong/Table tennis tables and along the way have accumulated a lot of skill in doing so.

They have revealed that they have signed a 7 year deal with The Swedish National Table Tennis Team, adding further credibility to them

STIGA Advantage Table

as a brand! You know undoubtedly that STIGA has a lot of knowledge and expertise on the matter.

Their Advantage table is a great competition-ready table, it comes with a speedy 10-minute assembly and is suitable for players of all skill levels.

Park & Sun Sports - Indoor/Outdoor Mini Table

Park & Sun have focused on family fun and have recognised that not all of us will be fortunate enough to have a spacious garden, garage or playroom, and by designing this mini ping pong table, they have made it possible to get the same playing action as the regular full sized

Park & Sun Sports Indoor Outdoor Mini Table

tables, but for a fraction of the size.

Their Indoor/Outdoor mini table is easily transported to wherever needed and as it comes with a Velcro lock and handles, which makes carrying this table nice and easy. Due to its size and very affordable price, this table is especially good for kids.

Harvil Insider Table Tennis Table

Harvil have garnered themselves a reputation in designing great products for in and around the home so its no wonder they have designed a great ping pong table.

They produce an incredible array of expertly designed products and their aim is to produce fun quality games for family and friends to create great memories from home.

Harvil Insider Table Tennis Table

Their Insider table is another solid reliable product which comes with free accessories, a money back guarantee and warranty, so you can be sure to love the table you buy or receive your money back, making this a very sensible investment.

MD Sports - Table Tennis Set Regulation Ping Pong Table

MD Sports is one of the top competitors in recreational sporting goods as they design fun and innovative products that are great value for money.

Suitable for people of all ages and skill levels, their ping pong table is resilient, affordable and folds neatly away for storage.

MD Sports Table Tennis Set Regulation Ping Pong Table

This 8 piece set comes with a money back guarantee and with metal leg supports, which makes this a strong and sturdy table for those who have a higher skill level!


Now you know what's important and what different brands bring to the table you can go out and get the best ping pong table for your home, family, and friends!

By selecting carefully and knowing what each brand specializes in, you can find a trustworthy reputable company to purchase your table from. Taking into consideration customer ratings and the feedback received, we believe the top 5 ping pong brands and tables out there are listed above.

Here is a video of Allen Wang, talking on what it takes to become an Olympic table tennis player.

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