Pool Cue Reviews: Your Comprehensive Guide On Sticks

By Mike W / November 13, 2017
pool cue reviews

You’ve researched the best billiard balls and best table to play on, and now you're excited to play a competitive game of pool with some friends or even family members .

What about those pool cues? Are you planning to just use the basic, run-of-the-mill cues? Do you believe that you will get the best game possible with that choice?

Many people believe that one pool cue is the same as the next, but it just isn’t true. Let me help you sift through all of the pool cue reviews to find the ones you should choose. Then you too can be playing like a pro.

How to Choose the Best Pool Cues

When looking through the best pool cue reviews, there are some things you'll want to know before making a decision.

Are you planning to play competitively or is this just for some family fun?

Do you have enough room to use a full-size cue, or should you look for a smaller model?

Will the player be able to handle a weighted stick, or do you want to find a lighter version for kids?

It's also important for you to establish a budget before moving forward.

Best Pool Cue Reviews

Viper Junior 48" 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue

Viper Junior 48'' 2piece Billiard Pool Cue

This highly rated billiard cue is exceptional to the rest because it's constructed from a quality, hard Canadian Maple wood.

It also features a 2-piece cue style which allows for easy transportation and storage.

You'll find that it comes complete with superior, lightweight ABS joints to help provide you a consistent feedback during gameplay.

The end of your cue will be topped with a 13mm Le Pro leather tip and a traditional rubber bumper.

This lighter cue is perfect for manuvering in tight areas or even for those younger players.

Valley House Bar Pool Cue Sticks

If you're planning to play pool often, or want to use the table for commercial purposes, you might like the Valley House Bar Pool Cue Sticks. 

They are in a high-quality wood that's durable and can handle regular use.

Valley House Bar Pool Cue Sticks

They have a glue-on tip and are polycarbonate high-density Ferrule.

The best thing about this option is that you're able to purchase multiple cues at once, making it the best choice if there are multiple people you need to buy for.

Imperial Premier Cyclone 2-Piece Hard Rock Maple Billiard Cue

There isn’t much to say about this Imperial Premier Cyclone 2-Piece Hard Rock Maple Billiard/Pool House Cue other than the pool cue reviews on this will speak for itself.

According to other customers, this particular cue is perfect for tighter spots, designed to be shorter than most pool cues. 

Imperial Premier Cyclone 2piece Hard Rock Maple Billiard Pool House Cue

It's also lighter weight which might make it a good choice for a child or for a starter stick.

Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple Pool Cue

If you're ready to get serious about your game, be sure to read the pool cue reviews on this Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple Pool Cue.

It's a 58-inch cue made from 100 percent North American grade A hard rock maple shaft.

Players Classically Styled Crimson Maple Pool Cue

They’ve installed a quality French Le Pro tip for maximum ball control and the finish is a solid black, double-pressed Irish linen wrap.

You'll find that this cue helps you to achieve that extra smooth follow-through.

Imperial Eliminator Hard Rock Maple Billiard/Pool House Cue

The last pool cue that I found from searching through the best pool cue reviews is the Imperial Eliminator Hard Rock Maple Billiard/Pool House Cue.

This stick comes in multiple sizes, perfect for those who must play in tight spaces and comes from a trusted name in pool cues. 

Imperial Eliminator Hard Rock Maple Billiard Pool House Cue

Many of the reviews stated that this was their top choice for teaching the kids how to play and enjoying some family time together around the pool table.


As you can see, there's truly a pool cue to suit any person’s tastes and needs.

Whether you're buying for a child who's just starting to find a love for the game, or you're ready to start having competitive matches with your closest friends, there's a pool cue for you!

Take your time, find the model that's going to suit your needs and then enjoy, it truly is that simple.

Here's a video on how to make a pool ball jump.

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