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By Mike W / March 30, 2017
trampoline mat

Trampolines have been designed to be able to last many years of bouncing and outdoor use. Their frames are durable and made to last, but a trampoline mat is something that shows its age over time and weathering, and is something that is going to need to be replaced at some stage of your trampoline’s life.

Over time, all the weight and continuous bouncing, as well as the weather, take their toll on trampoline mats, reducing the bounce and making your trampoline unsafe. The trampoline mat fibers may have taken a significant beating from the sun and the rain, weakening the fibers, and developing thin spots, or even small holes.

Now, there is no need to replace the entire trampoline as you already have a solid and sturdy frame. Here I am going to take you through some pointers on what to do, and how to choose the right trampoline mat for your trampoline.

How To Replace Your Trampoline Mat?

The first and most important thing about replacing your trampoline mat is how to measure the size of the mat that you need. There are a few important aspects of the measuring process to get the most suitable size mat, that I’m now going to guide you through.

Round Trampoline

For a round trampoline, you are going to have to take several measurements to get the correct and complete size.

Measure the frame from one side to the other while walking around the entire diameter of the frame, making measurement notes in inches. Then, you will need to measure the length of a spring while the spring is completely relaxed. This entails removing a spring from the trampoline and measuring it.

Next, you should conduct a count of the springs that are on your trampoline so that you know how many holes you’ll need with your replacement mat.

Rectangle Trampoline

You are going to need to measure the mat from inside the frame, measuring one long and one short side. You are also going to have to remove one of the springs and measure it while it’s completely relaxed.

Counting the springs is the next step so that you can make sure you are getting the correct mat for your trampoline.

There is some debate as to whether a replacement mat is always the same quality as the original mat purchased with the trampoline, and the answer is, sometimes.

There are replacement mats on the market that hold the same high-quality standards as the original mat received with the purchase, while some have been made stronger, with additional stitching and higher-quality materials.

Skybound Replacement Trampoline Mat
With Free Spring Tool

Skybound Replacement Trampoline Mat with Free Spring Tool

Skybound has created mat that is simply made better than the original that comes with a standard purchase of a Skybound trampoline.

Made to outlast and outperform original mats, Skybound has taken their replacement mats the next level, and then some.

One of the first things to give way on a trampoline mat is the stitching, and once this comes undone, the V-rings will start to pull loose, eventually rendering your mat useless.

Skybound have added an additional row of stitching to this replacement mat to give it the extra strength and support it needs to last. The additional stitching has been added as another dimension of safety, and to ensure the mats longevity.

The V-rings have been crafted out of a stronger, thicker steel than the average V-rings on the market, and the additional strength will definitely add years to your trampolining experience.

Kids are kept safer and healthier thanks to Skybounds anti-microbial and anti-bacterial coating on the mat. This coating will keep bacteria from getting into your mat due to rain, water, sweat, or any other kind of moist mess.

Skybound also offers the best warranty in the industry, boasting a 5-year, pro-rated warranty on all of their trampoline mats.


  • Additional Rows of Stitching
  • Free Spring Tool
  • Thicker V-Rings
  • Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial Coating
  • 5-Year Warranty

The Not So Good

There have been some reports of this trampoline mat not living up to expectations. Reviews have stated that the mat does not last as long as advertised, while others have had some issues with the stitching and V-rings.

While these negative reviews are few and far between, they do have their place. Overall, the vast majority of purchasers of this replacement trampoline mat are more than happy with what they received.


Over years of use, the replacement of your trampoline mat is something that is going to need to be done. Having the right information at your fingertips will aid you in your decision-making process, and will help you in making the right choice and measurements.

I hope that this review has helped you, and will get you bouncing again in no time.

And to show you how to easily remove and install a trampoline mat and springs, watching the video below.

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