The Complete Comparison Guide To Trampoline Pads

By Mike W / March 30, 2017
trampoline pads

You’ve gone ahead and selected yourself the very best trampoline so you can enjoy some exercise as well as some quality time with friends and family.

What’s next?

You need to ensure that you protect your body and those of your loved ones by finding the very best trampoline pads to keep you safe. With all that is available on the market, it can be hard to determine what the right purchase is.

Let me help! I’ve done lots of research to find you the very best in trampoline pads.

Definition Of Trampoline Pads

In case you aren’t yet sure what I’m talking about, trampoline pads are the thick material placed around your trampoline to protect the user from the springs and even the frame. They are often referred to as trampoline safety pads and can prevent a lot of injuries. They are a must have for optimal fun and trampolines really shouldn’t be used without them.

The Making Of A Good Pad

There are some qualities to look for that will help you know you are picking the perfect pads for your trampoline. Having a 1-piece system will prevent any areas of openings that could allow for injury. It will ensure a complete coverage of all hazardous areas.

You will also want to make sure that your pad is made of the highest level of materials so you can enjoy years to come with your trampoline. To protect your pad from wear, having a UV resistant shell would be ideal. This will reduce sun damage and prolong the life of your pad.

SkyBound Trampoline Pads

SkyBound Trampoline Pads

A leader in the field and my pick for the best would be the SkyBound Trampoline Pads.

You are receiving the very best in safety and quality at an affordable price. They are made with high-density PVC on top and a heavy duty PE on the bottom with a UV resistant outer layer.

It completely reduces injury by protecting you from direct contact with the springs and frame because it is stuffed with ½” thick closed cell EPE foam to provide some serious cushion.

You are even going to find that this company provides a nice warranty which shows that they make a quality product and aren’t afraid to back it up.

Your pads are bound to stay in place when you use the straps which are placed on the bottom shell. You will be able to rest easily knowing that you’ve made the right choice with this product.


  • This system will prevent injury and protect your loved ones by covering the springs and frame.
  • They are made with the highest quality materials which will ensure a long life.
  • Your pads will not move once you use the straps that are provided.
  • The cost is minimal for such a highly rated pad.


  • There will be some installation to perform.

Another Benefit To
Purchasing A Pad

There is more than one reason that you should budget for a pad to cover your trampoline springs and frame. It will prevent rusting simply by providing a cover. It will keep the elements out and as a result; naturally prolong the life of your trampoline.

It is also going to protect from UV damage and even falling debris. If you do find the springs getting rusty, there is a quick and simple solution. Simply mix the juice of two limes and a half cup of salt into a paste. Then apply this directly to rust spots and allow it to sit for a couple hours. Use an old toothbrush to scrub away your mixture and rinse down the springs with clean water.

Using this tip and investing in a high-quality pad can add years to the life of your trampoline thereby saving you hundreds down the road.


Choosing a pad for your trampoline is not something to be taken lightly. You want to ensure that you’ve picked the best possible choice as your family’s safety will be relying on it to do its job.

Thankfully, you know through the amazing reviews on Amazon that you’re picking the best pad for your equipment. You can now rest easy knowing that your family is safe and your springs and frame will be protected for a long time to come.

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