Basketball Hoop Wall Mount Review: Lets Play Some Basketball

June 20, 2019
basketball hoop wall mount

Basketball is a great game for people of all ages. It’s a wonderful way to socialize, exercise and develop co-ordination skills. Toddlers and children can even play it.

Young children will develop hand-eye coordination and learn that sport and exercise can be fun.

However, most basketball hoops and posts are designed with older, taller players in mind, which can make shooting virtually impossible for small people.

To help your child enjoy basketball you need to find the best toddler basketball hoop, that's where I can help.

Finding a basketball hoop wall mount can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when you're looking for something that will accommodate tiny arms.

Read on to find out more about basketball hoops for your little one.

What Makes a Good Basketball Hoop Wall Mount?

A wall-mounted basketball hoop can be set up both indoors and outdoors, depending on your needs. They offer stability as you don't need to rely on any kind of post or base.

However, you need to be aware of a few factors before you make your purchase.

Mounting System

You can mount basketball hoops in a number of ways, on a variety of surfaces, but you need to have the right tools and accessories. Look out for wall mounts that have the necessary brackets and screws included.

Outdoor style hoops can be attached to permanent, strong structures such as garages and walls. You can also attach indoor hoops to a wall, but also work by hanging over a door.

The door-style hoops are less sturdy but much easier to install.


Most hoops will come with a backboard, but there may be occasions where they don't. You then have the choice to purchase a backboard or attach your hoop to a wall that can be used as a backboard.

This isn’t very professional but may be a suitable alternative for young players.

When purchasing a hoop with a backboard, the material of the backboard needs to be taken into consideration. It must be strong and able to withstand constant bombardment with a basketball.

The Best Basketball Hoop Wall Mount Reviewed

Nerf Sports Set

Nerf Sports Set

When it comes to finding the best basketball hoop for kids, you want something fun and safe.

The Nerf Sports Set is both these things and won’t break the bank.

Whilst it can be set up outdoors, it’s mostly designed for indoor use.

You don’t have to worry about your windows or any other of your possessions breaking, as the included ball is made from foam.

The foam ball also helps to keep the noise levels down when using indoors. Installation is easy, simply hang over a door and it’s ready to go!

For use by toddlers and young children, the hoop, with its included backboard, can be mounted to any wall surface. Your child will enjoy improving their skills and get satisfaction from scoring.

Coming in a unique neon green, your child will get hours of fun and entertainment from the Nerf Sports Set.

Pros and Cons

This basketball hoop wall mount is height-adjustable so it can grow in height as your child does.

The soft ball is perfect for indoor use to help prevent damage and reduce sound. Your children can be playing in another room and you don’t have to listen to an unpleasant ‘thudding’ noise.

The foam ball may not be the best for slightly older children as it lacks similarity to the real game, therefore not being all that valuable in skill progression.

Whilst it’s advertised for outdoor use, the backboard is cardboard which simply won’t withstand the elements.

Equally, the cardboard makes slam-dunking inappropriate. However, it’s perfect for improving shooting skills and having fun – exactly what small children who love basketball need.

The Nerf Sports Set is cheap and easy to install as all the necessary accessories and instructions are included.

The hoop will be ready for play in no time at all.

In Conclusion

Finding a basketball hoop wall mount that's suitable for toddlers and children is a difficult task.

The Nerf Sports Set will cater for children from their toddler years right through to middle school. Sturdiness may be compromised, but fun and skill practice is not. In fact, it’s a great learning accessory that many adults will enjoy.

One of the basics that kids need to learn to play basketball is how to handle the ball. Watch the video below and help them improve their dribbling.