Sky High: Basketball Shoes That Make You Jump Higher

June 6, 2019
basketball shoes that make you jump higher

Do you love playing basketball, but find you just can’t jump high enough?

Are successful slam dunks merely a dream?

If you struggle to jump to the necessary height to match your opponents, I've got good news for you. There are basketball shoes that make you jump higher.

I’m not talking about magic jumping shoes, you still have to do some of the work. However, they'll certainly give your game a new edge (and height)!

If this sounds too good to be true, or you simply don’t believe me, read on to find out more.

How Can a Basketball Shoe Make You Jump Higher?

Sure, you can play basketball in almost any old footwear, but you won’t be playing at your full potential.

A good pair of shoes can do more than just help you jump higher. They'll help prevent injuries and keep your feet in good condition so you can play for longer.

When it comes to finding basketball shoes that make you jump higher, there are a few factors you should look out for.


A good, tight-fitting shoe is key to propulsion and height. If your shoes are too big you'll find yourself slipping inside them and not getting enough vertical height due to lack of stability on your take-off.

In many cases, professional basketball players opt for a half-size down to ensure a snug fit. You can also wear specifically designed socks and make sure your laces are tied tight!


To help you gain height you need good speed and a strong take-off, neither of which can happen if you're slipping all over the place.

Check the soles of your shoes before you buy them to ensure they have good traction, and check them regularly. When the traction starts to wear out, it may be time for a new pair.

Stiff Sole

Flexibility and cushioning are comfortable, but when you take off for your jump a lot of energy can be lost with a soft sole. Look for something on the harder end of the scale.

Think of a basketball itself. When it goes flat it does not bounce well, but a fully pumped up ball will bounce sky-high! It's a similar principle with your footwear.

Styles of Basketball Shoes

The most common styles of basketball shoes fall into three, main categories: low-tops, mid-tops and high-tops. Low-tops tend to rise to your ankle or just below it, with mid-tops coming to above the ankle. High-tops go furthest up the calf, usually mid-way between the ankle and the knee.

How to get More Traction

Traction on any pair of basketball shoes is one of the most important factors in your game, allowing you to play to your full potential. Here are some top tips for improving traction on your shoes:

  • Remove any dust or debris from the court.
  • Use a traction board before/after each game.
  • Apply traction fluid to the soles.
  • check
    Clean your shoes well (especially the soles).

Best Basketball Shoes

Nike Jordan CP3X

Nike Jordan CP3X

There are no names more synonymous with basketball than Nike and Michael Jordan.

Here you have the two combined to create a superior basketball shoe that will help lift your game, literally.

They offer support and a dynamic lacing system to help ensure your foot remains tightly in place for the duration of play. No more slipping inside your shoe as you take-off.

The rubber sole offers fantastic traction and provides a great platform for you to get your best take-off.

There are two colors to choose from, red and black. The Nike Jordan CP3Xs will drastically improve your vertical lift, and you’ll look stylish whilst doing it.

Pros and Cons

The Nike Jordan CP3Xs are designed to fit neatly on any foot and you can adjust the laces to secure your feet properly within the shoe. Whilst they support the side of your foot, there's no support around your ankles.

The shoes are very reasonably priced, especially considering the well-known names attached to them.

The soles are made from durable rubber with a specifically designed traction system that will ensure your foot is securely planted when you’re taking off into a jump. This gives you the best chance to reach your maximum height.

The main part of the shoe is made from mesh which helps prevent overheating and subsequent discomfort.

Finding the appropriate size may take some time, you may have to try on a few pairs before finding the most suitable size. Keep in mind that you want them nice and snug to prevent your foot from slipping inside the shoe when you take off.

In Conclusion

To help you get the most out of your basketball game, you need to be able to propel yourself high into the air. For some people, this may be a natural talent, but others may need all the help they can get.

Basketball shoes that make you jump higher are one way to get that edge. This article has helped you to understand how they can work, and shared you a highly recommended shoe to get you on the way to a higher game.

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