Let The Games Begin: Beer Pong Table With Holes

June 20, 2019
beer pong table with holes

You know what makes for a good party; food, friends, music and of course beer pong.

Playing on other people’s tables is fun when you’re over at their house, but what about when you're ready to buy your own beer pong table?

It can be a little disheartening looking at all the options on the internet and can cause you to get overwhelmed. How do you know which one is the right choice?

You have to get a beer pong table with holes if you’re serious about your gameplay. Let me show you the best choice for your party in this comprehensive guide.

Why Do You Need a Ping Pong Table With Holes?

It’s true, beer pong can be played on any number of surfaces. Many people even create their own spaces for them. However, what many of these homemade versions lack is a quality setup of holes for your cups.

It may seem unnecessary to have a beer pong table with holes, but it’s truly a need if you’re playing serious games with friends.

Think about it. The last time you played beer pong, did your drinks slip around the table or even spill? It was a mess, wasn’t it?

That's no longer a concern when you're using beer pong tables with holes. Your drink is going to stay firmly in place so you can concentrate wholly on your game. No more stopping in the middle of your competition to clean up that spill.

Best Ping Pong Table With Holes Reviewed

GoPong 8-Foot Portable Beer Pong

GoPong 8 Foot Portable Beer Pong

It was clear to me that the best choice is the GoPong 8-Foot Portable Beer Pong.

It comes with the necessary cup holes that we’ve discussed and so many other options that you’ll love.

First, this table has 4 dry erase markers making it easy to create a new table every time you play. 

All the friends that you invite over can create their own masterpiece on the table to make it a unique piece of art every time!

Your game can also get started right away with the six pong balls that are included. No running out to buy accessories.

This table is full regulation and tournament size at 8-foot by 2-foot by 27-inches. If you want to take it to your next frat party, tailgating or even to a local bar, it's easy to take with you.

The table folds into a compact briefcase size making it ideal for throwing it in the car and carrying it along with you at all times. Whenever the time is right, you can have a party in minutes.

Finally, this table is made to last. You'll find this beer pong table is constructed to be extremely durable and stand up to whatever abuses the party brings.

On top of that, some of the previous customers say that it’s super easy to setup. It won’t be long after you receive the table that you can be playing your first game.

Pros & Cons


  • Most importantly, this is a beer pong table with holes which is what you need to keep those drinks from slipping and spilling.
  • This table is durable and will last for a long time to come.
  • You can create your own art on the table with the four dry erase markers that are included.
  • thumbs-o-up
    This table is portable and perfect for taking to your friend’s party, tailgating and pretty much anywhere that needs a little extra fun.


  • It can be a little more costly than the tables without holes, but there will be fewer messes to clean up.


Think ahead to the next party you are planning to host or attend.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have this table as part of the festivities? You know that you're going to be the life of that party when you show up with the GoPong table.

On top of that, it’s going to make the game that much more fun when you don’t have to continually rearrange slipped cups or clean up spilt drinks.

So what are you waiting for? Make the leap now and have a party with you wherever you go.

When you’re ready to take your beer pong game to the next level, be sure you check out this YouTube video filled with trick shots in beer pong.