5 Best Basketball Nets Reviewed & Rated: Nothin’ But Net

June 20, 2019
best basketball nets

If you’ve taken the time to invest in a basketball hoop, then it's time to discuss those nets. There's more to your game than just a backboard. You should also consider your need for a quality basketball net.

Nets are important to the game because it helps to slow the ball down after shots and also enables you to confirm the goal.  After all, it might be very difficult to tell if a ball actually went through the hoop without a net!

Save yourself time scouring the reviews online and follow my guide to find the very best basketball nets.

5 Best Basketball Nets Reviewed

1. Champion Sports Metal Chain Link Basketball Net

Champion Sports Heavy Duty Metal Chain Link Basketball Net

This super highly-rated Champion Sports Heavy Duty Metal Chain Link Basketball Net is one of my picks for best basketball nets.

It comes with a rust-proof, zinc-plated galvanized steel to last through all weather conditions.

It's compatible with most outdoor basketball courts and features easy-to-use hooks on the steel chain making it easy to replace down the road.

This is a net that would last you for a long time to come. If you're planning to play indoors, this net would work on most indoor hoops as well.

2. Huffy Sports 7800SR Slam Jam Basketball Goal

Want a hoop with the classic orange powder-coated finish?

This Huffy Sports 7800SR 5/8-Inch Slam Jam Basketball Goal is a great choice for you.

Huffy Sports 7800SR 58 Inch Slam Jam Basketball Goal

With its solid steel breakaway rim and spring suction flex mechanism, you'll be playing slam dunking in your competitive game in no time.

This also comes with your standard white net and can even be mounted alone on a solid wall or beam.

3. Lifetime 5818 Classic Basketball Rim

Lifetime is a trusted name in the basketball industry.

They've outdone themselves with this Lifetime 5818 Classic Basketball Rim.

Your hoop is made with an 18-inch rim complete with 5/8” solid steel and ½” steel braces. That provides for sturdy and reliable play.

Lifetime 5818 Classic Basketball Rim

It also includes the 50g all-weather net and hardware complete with welded steel net hooks. This is a great hoop for family play.

4. Lifetime Slam-It Basketball Rim

Another choice on my list of best basketball nets is made from the Lifetime brand yet again.

This choice has an 18” rim that is also constructed from 5/8” solid steel just like the choice before it.

This creates amazing strength and durability.

Lifetime Slam It Basketball Rim

The difference in this model is the 70g all-weather nylon net that's included complete with hardware. It also features double compression springs for back action.

If you're worried about anything going wrong with this setup, it comes with a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty. That should give you some piece of mind.

5. BSN Traditional Basketball Nylon Net

If you already have the hoop and just need the net, there's a low-cost option available to you.

Grab the BSN Traditional Basketball Nylon Net for a super low price and enjoy a quick option for your basketball goal.

BSN Traditional Basketball Nylon Net

It’s 90 grams in weight with 12 loops to fasten directly to your hoop. The net is made from a braided nylon designed to stand up to the wear your games put on it.

At this price, you may just want to snag a few and save some for the future when you need them down the road. One of the reviewers suggested buying extra to give away to some neighborhood kids.

What To Look For In a Quality Basketball Net

When choosing your net, there are several things you'll want to keep in mind. Do you need something that can withstand extreme weather?

Will you be rough on the equipment? If so, you’re going to want one of the models made with solid steel as it’s sure to hold up to the added stress much easier.

If you’re more concerned about your budget, you’ll want to lean towards one of the lower cost options for your basketball game.


In this guide, you’ve seen a wide range of hoops that are available on the market now. Whatever you choose to fit your basketball needs, you're sure to have a fantastic time playing some competitive games with your family and friends.

Take the time and make the purchase that's right for you and you can enjoy a lifetime of fun in the backyard.

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