Best Basketball Rims: Information And Buying Guide

September 6, 2019
best basketball rims

Thinking about getting yourself a great basketball rim so you can have endless fun with family and friends?

Before you go ahead and make that investment, we’ll explain what goes into a great product. We'll let you know what key features to search for and consider when selecting the best basketball rims.

We've compared some of the best rims on the market. Based on a few key aspects, customer reviews and performance, we've chosen the overall best basketball rim available.

Types of Hoops

There are three, main types of basketball rims out there on the market today: in-ground, portable and mounted. The portable one is typically the cheapest, held in place by water placed in the base unit.

The in-ground rim takes longer to install and is pricier, but will be sturdier for more intense games. The mounted option is a compromise between the two, providing sturdiness but also mobility if needed.

Backboard material

In general, you’ll find three, main types of backboard material used on the market: tempered glass, acrylic and polycarbonate.

Glass is best for permanent hoops as moving it could risk it shattering and polycarbonate best for portable hoops because it’s light. If you’re using the mounted option, acrylic is a good compromise – it’s strong but also light.

Rims Sizes & Types

There are two, main types of basketball rim: breakaway rims and rigid ones. Depending on where you’ll be using the hoop and who will be playing, one rim will definitely be better than the other for you.

Outdoor hoops tend to have rigid rims because they’re more durable in the face of bad weather. Indoor hoops usually have a bit more flexibility and added features, so breakaway rims are more common.

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What Makes a Great Basketball Rim?

Understandably, with all the different price ranges out there it's hard deciding what's great value for money and what's not. By following and sticking to a few guidelines you'll be able to find a great product.

Firstly, you'll need to be sure of the type of rim you want. There are two basic types available. A rigid one that has little movement but is very sturdy, or a Flex rim, which allows for more flexibility.

Knowing your space is just as important. Where's your rim going to be situated?

If you’re looking for a rim that will be outside then you'll more than likely want to choose rigid rims. They're more durable and long lasting.

However, if you're looking to have your rim inside, then a flex rim would be well suited. It will give more movement and performance benefits.

Also be sure to consider the materials used, if your rim is outside you don’t want anything that will wear or rust.

Then finally, you'll need to understand what type of players will this product be for.

For more advanced players it's recommended to go for a rim that allows for higher levels of stress and wearability. You'll get this with a flex rim.

For beginners, it would be wise to choose something sturdy and secure, like the rigid rim.

With all these different factors taken into consideration, you're on your way to getting one of the best basketball rims available! Now we can move onto the product we've chosen as the best basketball rim on the market.

Best Basketball Rim

Lifetime 5818 Classic Basketball Rim

Lifetime 5818 Classic Basketball Rim

This rim is definitely one of the best selling and highest rated rims available.

Unlike other rims, this one can be installed inside or outside.

Thanks to its all-weather nylon net, this rim is extremely durable. It won't wear easily if left outside open to the elements.

Whether you're looking for a rim for an indoor recreational space or outside full-scale court, this product works well in both environments.

With its simple installation, the net can be easily moved from one standard hoop to another, meaning it's easy to replace or move to another location.

This rim is a great choice for those who want something that really will hold up to the wear and tear of the game. It lasts longer than most rims available.

Pros and Cons

As always, it's important to consider the pros and cons with any product and this Champion Sports Heavy Duty rim has far more benefits than downfalls.

Some of the benefits to this product lie with the materials used. The all-weather nylon net is great at enduring the elements, and shouldn't wear or need replacing anytime soon. 

The rim itself is made with solid steel ensuring this also doesn't wear easily.

Designed for convenience this rim is easily assembled thanks to its handy little hooks, simply attach the netting and away you go. In turn, this also makes replacing the net nice and easy.

It's all too often we purchase a product for it to only go and break on us, and to then find out that the part you need to replace either isn't available or not an easy task. With this rim, you can rest assured it's simple and affordable to do so.

Another great aspect of this product is its authentic basketball appearance that's sure to maintain its looks for longer.

The only negative to speak of is that whilst it’s easily assembled it has been noted within reviews that you'll need a pair of pliers during the installation.

That's because the hooks to attach the net from the rim need to be bent into place, a small price to pay for a number of positives in comparison.


The Lifetime 5818 Classic Basketball Rim is one of the best basketball rims out there and it will give you that authentic basketball game feeling you've been searching for.

At a great price, convenient and durable it's definitely great value for money and our pick for the best basketball rim around.

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