Reviews Guide To The Best Foosball Table Brands

August 30, 2019
best foosball table brands

Foosball is a game that has stood the test of time for fun and engaging entertainment.

If you’ve been searching around and looking at the best foosball table brands, we’ve made your search easier by organizing our list of the top rated brands.

The well-known and top foosball table brands on this list offer you quality that's beyond most subpar tables.

Some here may be pricey, but the durability, stability and professional quality you get with them make them worth it if you’re serious about your purchase.

Whether you need a table to keep the kids occupied, or are looking to have some competition style play, you’re sure to find a table here that's perfectly suitable for your needs.

History of Foosball

Foosball was created by a man named Harold S. Thornton in 1923 when he patented it. Historians say he got the idea from watching his favorite soccer team, the Spurs.

Apparently, he wanted to start a game that would allow people to play soccer in their own houses with family.

Buyer’s Guide to Brands

When picking out a new foosball table for your house, it can be hard to know which brand is best – all get good reviews, so how do you make the decision? From experience, the most important factors that you should use in your decision process are:

  • Your budget
  • The design of the table (does it suit the games room?)
  • The value of the table (do you get a lot of accessories thrown in?)
  • plus
    Does it have the features you need?

5 Top Foosball Table Brands Reviewed

1. Atomic Pro Force

The Pro Force, by the very reputable brand Atomic comes in top of the list for being a relatively good quality and budget friendly table.

This is a great all-around table simply for fooling around with, having a good time and enjoying yourself.

Its traditional wooden style is great looking and will suit most homes, and the legs are fairly heavy duty providing an even playing surface.

Atomic Pro Force

Coming in at 108 lbs, it provides a weight that's suitable for light to moderate play. Adults that are really into playing may want to check out some of the heavier duty tables listed.

2. Tornado Sport

If you’re knowledgeable with foosball table brands, you’ll know you really can't go wrong with a table by Tornado.

This is a high-quality table meant for serious play.

Tornado Sport

If you really want to get in the game and get aggressive with it, this 200-pound table definitely won’t budge.

At this price, you’ll be getting exactly what you expect and pay for. It's durable, its high-quality rods won’t break and its dark mahogany finish looks great.

The common consensus is the most difficult and time-consuming part of the assembly is getting the rods fitted into the players. However, the entire top of the table comes already together. The players and legs are the only things needing assembly.

If you’re looking for a table built to last, the Sport model by Tornado brand is a great choice.

3. Carrom 530.00 Signature

This is a great brand to consider, and with this table, they offer a table that suits any room with its 1-inch Moroccan finish.

Carrom offers quality products made in the USA.

Carrom 530.00 Signature

They’ve helped with the assembly of their models by posting a video by Carrom CEO showing the step-by-step assembly of your table.

The players are counterweighted at the heads, and the heavy-duty miter-fold black vinyl legs with leg levelers, which allow you to adjust the height and steadiness on uneven playing fields.

The tabletop has high-quality enamel screen-printed graphics that really enhance its overall finish and look.

4. EastPoint Sports Newcastle

We just have to include less pricey models in the list of the best foosball table brands because they can still offer some great value.

If you want close to a full competition sized table at a lower price, the Newcastle by EastPoint Sports is a great choice. 

EastPoint Sports Newcastle

It's large enough to be good for the whole family, however, you should consider it just that. This is a family friendly table.

If you’re looking for aggressive play, you’ll want a more heavy duty one.

Looking at it, you might be surprised to see its price.

It looks like a fairly high quality and high priced table. Its wooden finish gives it that classic look that so many love.

The table is only 83 pounds, which is under the 100-pound benchmark of sturdiness. You can expect this one to shift around a bit if you’re getting overly aggressive here (which it isn’t meant for). 

At this weight, it’s a great table for lighter and more moderate play. It’s a good table for the price.

5. Garlando G-500

Garlando is a European company who's backed by producing high-quality entertainment products that will last and stand the test of time.

This is a seriously high-quality table weighing in at 165 pounds. It's no exception to that rule.

Garlando G500

With this level of sturdiness, you can expect some aggressive gameplay without the table shifting around. It's suitable for beginners to advanced players. It includes high-quality telescopic rods as an additional safety feature.

The rods are sturdy cold drawn steel allowing for precise and fast gameplay. However, more experienced players might miss the counterbalanced players which are absent on this table.

The tabletop is also a tempered glass surface which really gives it a high-quality look and makes gameplay smoother.

At a more advanced price range backed by a strong 3-year warranty, this is an excellent table that's build will handle long term play.


All five products listed here are offered by some of the best foosball table brands in their respective price ranges.

Whether you’re looking for a lower priced table for some family and kid-friendly fun, or a large heavy-duty table for some competition style play, these are great choices. 

Depending on your budget and needs, each and every one of these listed products are good foosball table brands for their price. You’ll be getting what you pay for, no hidden faults or surprises.

Learn the rules of foosball from the video below.