Best Foosball Table For The Money: Our #1 Choice Reviewed

September 6, 2019
best foosball table for the money

A tabletop foosball game is a great option to consider if you want to have some lighthearted family fun.

The FX40 by Sport Squad is an affordable option that everyone can have fun with. With its small size, it’s also a great option for kids who are just getting into foosball before moving them up to a full sized table.

This tabletop foosball can bring some much-needed excitement to your living room. However, it isn’t meant to replace full professional sized models. If you aren’t interested in the larger sized models, this one is still a great tradeoff.

If you’re on limited space and don’t want to break the bank, the FX40 is one of the best choices for a foosball table under $500.​

Tabletop Foosball Tables

Tabletop foosball tables are in the lowest price range regarding these products. They’re most suitable for beginners, kids, family, or general light play. The best thing about them is the price!

You won’t be needing to budget a thousand dollars like some of the full sized tables may be. They’re great to test and see if the kids and family even like foosball before investing into a larger table.

Consider them easy to move around for the occasional living room fun. A good tabletop table will be sturdy enough to handle light to moderate play. It also offers minimal and often easy assembly and can handle the abuse of family fun. 

If you’re looking for the best foosball table for the money and don’t want to invest a whole lot, they can be good to consider.

Why Consider the Cheapest Option?

The cheapest option is definitely the most versatile, suitable for a wide range of player levels. If this is your first foosball table, then choosing the cheapest option is definitely the right move while starting out. Try it, see what features you like and don’t like, then you will be able to invest more money in the future in one that you know suits you completely.

The Best Foosball Table Under $500

Sport Squad FX40

You’ll want to take the FX40 as it is. You’ll be getting some good value for your money and it’s meant for family fun.

The table is 37 x 20 x 8 inches and comes in at around only 16 pounds.

For the price, it has a pretty solid build. It's made from metal and manufactured wood, and will hold up quite well to regular light to moderate use.

Sport Squad FX40

It also includes chrome-plated steel rods that are durable and offer power in a compact size.

The surface of the table top is laminate wood, which is aesthetically pleasing and makes gameplay smooth. It does require some assembly which takes some time but isn’t difficult.

It can be placed on a table (hence the tabletop) or you can use its rubberized posts to stand it up on its own. This table comes with two balls, as well as manual scorekeeping above the goal boxes.

A table like this can allow you to learn how to play foosball if you’re new to it. It's great for teaching younger children, who may not even be tall enough to use full sized tables.

In this price range, we’ve decided the Sport Squad FX40 is the best foosball table for the money if you’re looking for living room fun.

Well obviously at the size and price of this model, you aren't going to be getting a fully sturdy and durable foosball table that you may be used to. It really isn’t intended for serious or heavy play.

The table also only has 3 bars instead of the usual 4, but this is more just because of a limitation in its size.

If you’re also looking for gameplay accuracy, the 3-man goalie that's present on this table may deter you. For what it’s meant for, however, this table makes for a great choice.

It doesn’t take up much room and because of its lightness at roughly 16 pounds can be easily moved around the house to where you want it and can fit in pretty much any space.

If you don’t have room in your house, it’s a perfect sized table without compromising space for a larger sized table.

It’s great for all ages and its cost is fairly low, which makes it good for a good low-cost investment. This table gets a high rating from us because of its value.

You obviously aren’t going to become a pro foosball player playing with this model, but you already knew that.

While you might not consider a foosball table under $500 to be quality, all in all, the pros easily outweigh the cons of this model if you’re looking for a table in this price range.

Wrapping It Up

The Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Tabletop is an excellent value for its price and you can’t get much better than what you’re working with here.

Its cost and value make it perhaps the best foosball table for the money and comes highly recommended for those looking for some fun, first timers or those with a light budget. It’s an all-around family and kid-friendly tabletop game you can’t go wrong with.

Here's a video on a ball handling technique you can practice on your Sport Squad FX40.