Ole Ole Ole! Our Total Guide To The Best Futsal Ball

September 1, 2019
best futsal ball

Been thinking about playing Futsal?

It's vastly different from soccer and you'll need a special ball to play. The typical soccer balls won't work as this game is on a hard court rather than on grass or artificial turf.

You’re going to need a ball with different properties and that’s why I’ve created this best futsal ball guide. We'll answer all your questions about finding yourself a quality futsal ball.

What Exactly Is Futsal?

Futsal takes place on an indoor, hard court rather than outdoor grass or artificial turf.  Generally consists of two teams made of five players each.

It’s played in a similar fashion to soccer except that there are twenty-minute halves instead of forty-five and there are different regulations for the goalie.

The balls used are generally smaller than a typical soccer ball but will weigh about the same as a size 5 ball.

These specific balls have a low-bounce, actually thirty percent less than a soccer ball, which makes it far easier to control them on hard surfaces.

Futsal is more focused on skills and technique than a typical soccer game is. To play a superior game, you're going to need the best indoor soccer ball out there as the quality will make a difference.

Best Futsal Ball Reviewed

Baden Futsal Low Bounce Practice Ball

Baden Futsal Low Bounce Practice Ball

If you want the very best futsal ball, be sure you check out this Bade Futsal Low Bounce Practice Ball.

This is the ideal fit for everyday practice. It has a synthetic leather cover and four-ply lamination which will create a soft touch.

This leather cover is going to keep the ball in good shape and free from damage.

The inner workings of the ball are made with a Butyl bladder for longer air retention and durability. 

Because of this design, you shouldn’t have to pump up the ball very often as it should retain its shape.

This ball carries the official USFF logo and also meets the U.S. Futsal specification.

You'll find that this specific ball was purposefully engineered to be at the ideal weight and low rebound. This will help to control the ball during a face paced game and make you a superstar.

Baden Sports is a family-owned sporting goods company that's located in Washington.

They were actually the first ever manufacturer to produce the first women’s basketball which was then adopted by the NCAA in 1984. They focus on attention to detail and high-quality game balls.


  • The synthetic leather cover will protect the ball.
  • The Butyl bladder will retain air longer and allow you more time in between fillings.
  • This ball contains the ideal weight and low rebound for an optimal game.


  • This ball wouldn’t be ideal to play a soccer game.

Caring For Your Futsal Ball

To ensure a long life of your futsal ball, you'll want to ensure that it remains clean. Being kicked by everyone and rolling around on a court can cause lots of dirt to accumulate on the ball’s surface.

Simply take a damp rag to clean your ball after each game or practice. Don't use high-pressure water or household chemicals as these can cause further damage to your ball’s surface.

Make sure that you also maintain proper inflation of your ball at all times. Improper inflation will take years off the ball’s life span and is something that you can easily avoid by just taking a few minutes before and after each game play.

Be sure you also store the ball in a dry, room-temperature location. It shouldn't be left in the trunk of your car or outside where the elements can wear away at it.

Doing these simple things will dramatically improve the lifespan of your futsal ball.

Things to consider when buying


Ideally, when buying a futsal ball, you want to get something with a softer material and touch. The court is smaller and so the ball should give a smaller impact. Most international futsal regulations stipulate that the ball needs to be made of softer material, so as not to cause injury to players.

When looking at materials, look at balls made of polyester, foam, polyurethane, or a soft synthetic leather. These materials are designed to be softer, lower impact and more lightweight – necessary qualities for a futsal ball.


Futsal balls are typically smaller than normal soccer balls. However, they usually feel heavier because they are stuffed with cotton. In actual fact, they weigh less than a normal soccer ball! But more on that later.

Size-wise, FIFA announced that the optimal size for a futsal ball for teenagers and up is the Size 4 futsal. This has a circumference of 62-64cm depending on the manufacturer. Normal soccer games use a Size 5 ball, which has a circumference of 68-70cm.

This smaller size helps keep the ball under control more while playing indoors.

Bladder Type

The bladder of any ball is the section on the inside which holds all of the air – or in the case of a futsal, the filling. Typically, the bladder of any ball (including futsal balls) is made of a specific material. This material is designed to reduce bounceback of the ball, and reduce its impact on the player.

Common materials on the market today include latex or butyl. If you were to compare the two, you would probably find that butyl is better as it holds air inside for longer.

Futsal balls’ bladders are also filled with foam to reduce the amount of bounce the ball has. 


There is a lot of debate around futsal balls and their weight. People believe that because they’re stuffed with cotton, they’re heavier than normal soccer balls. But interestingly, this is actually not true. A standard Size 4 futsal ball weighs less than its standard soccer equivalent.

According to FIFA regulations, a futsal ball should weigh between 400-440 grams. This is, on average, 10 grams lighter than the normal soccer equivalent.


There's no longer any question as to which is the best futsal ball for your game.

I’ve reviewed the reasons you need a designated futsal ball, which one is your best option and even how to care for it properly after you make the purchase.

Now all that’s left for you to do is get out there and become the next futsal champ.

With this ball, you can perform some amazing tricks and skills as shown in this video.