Best Indoor Ping Pong Table: 2018 Reviews Guide

June 20, 2019
best indoor ping pong table

Game rooms are becoming increasingly popular, and no game room is complete without an indoor ping pong table!

A ping pong table can be fun for all ages, including families, especially for a different take on a family games night.

If you're into playing on a more serious level, an indoor ping pong table can give you a chance to practice or have a competition any time of day without worrying about the weather. Not to mention, it’s great entertainment at parties!

There are several types of tables available, but if you’re aiming for top quality and convenience, our guide to the best indoor ping pong table will help.

Picking the Best Table

Having a ping pong table would be a great addition to any game room or to just bring out into any open space when you’re ready to play. It's great for both leisure and competitive play.

Having a party?

A table tennis set will definitely be something party-goers would gravitate towards. If you’re looking to be more active and help with those hand/eye coordination skills, ping pong is an excellent way to do so.

An indoor table means you don’t have to worry what the weather is like either. All you need is some space and a bit of enthusiasm!

Best Indoor Ping Pong Table Reviewed

Stiga Advantage
Table Tennis Table

The Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table is a quality competition-ready table that is ideal for all styles of play.

The whole ping pong table comes in two halves. When put together they measure 108” length x 60” width x 30” height, which is official ping pong table standard.

The table itself is 5/8” thick and has plenty of coats of paint, meaning the finish lasts!

There's a 1.5” welded metal apron around the whole table.

Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table

This provides extra stability while making sure the table stays flat over time and also ensures an even bounce over the whole playing surface.

The 1.5” square metal legs also have levelers so that you can adjust as needed if the table isn't on a flat surface.

The wheels make it easy to move the table around to the desired location, and they come complete with easy locking so you don’t need to worry about it sliding everywhere.

You can’t have a proper ping pong table without a net! The 72-inch net provided is heavy-duty with a cotton blend and tension adjustment. To assemble, you only have to clamp it on either end of the table and it's ready in seconds.

Want to have a game but no one is around to play? That’s okay! Because the Stiga Advantage comes in two halves, you can fold up one to lie against the other horizontal table. In this playback position, you can brush up on your table tennis skills before your next match!

To store, the table halves turn vertically and can be easily rolled. When nested for storage, it measures 60x28x64 inches. It can be wheeled out of the way.

Thanks to the quality of the table, the different ways to play, multiple uses of the tables and easy storage, it's obvious why the Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table is the best indoor ping pong table.

Pros & Cons

This ping pong table comes in two halves that can be used as regular tables as well, although it's recommended to cover them with a tablecloth to protect the playing surface.

The silkscreen printing of the lines means there are no stickers used, which can interfere with play and become unstuck. Another bonus is that the leg levelers not only help make play possible on an uneven surface, but they're rubber as well so you don’t need to worry about scratching your floors.

There is an issue with size. If you don’t have the space for an official size ping pong table plus playing space, then obviously this isn’t a great choice. Also, although it folds up, this may still seem bulky to some.

While the Stiga Advantage may look complicated to put together, it isn’t.

It comes 95% preassembled.


When it comes to the best indoor ping pong table, the Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table is a top choice.

It's a quality table built by a company that specializes in table tennis tables, so you know you're getting a great make and not a plastic cheap one that doesn’t tend to last.

They're built for everything from quick play to competitions, ensuring durability is key. Get everyone in the house active with an indoor ping pong table!

The video below teaches where the maximum contact point is located for a maximum backspin.