Best Mini Trampoline Reviewed For Home & Safe Use

September 6, 2019
best mini trampoline

It’s great to have a yard with a full sized trampoline for the family to enjoy. But what if you have a postage stamp sized yard or live in a condo or apartment?  

You don’t want to give up on the fun and exercise that a trampoline can offer your family, right? You don’t have to.

Mini trampolines provide awesome fun and exercise without being a space hog like a full sized trampoline. Your kids can jump around. Then, because it’s light and portable, you can tuck it into a corner of the yard or a room when not in use.

On the search for the best mini trampoline? 

We’ve got you covered in our mini trampoline review. Keep reading!

Why Buy a Mini Trampoline?

Mini trampolines are family favorites in a lot of homes, and it’s not just for the kids! Of course, buying a mini trampoline can be hours of endless fun not just children but for adults too.

Mini trampolines are a great form of exercise and can be very beneficial to health – particularly because of the low impact to your joints and the positive benefit on your heart and immune system.

What Makes It Bounce?

There are two main methods use to give all trampolines their bounce – either metal springs or bungee cords. The metal springs are definitely the cheaper option and they are available in most stores.

Bungee cord trampolines are usually pricier and harder to find – but if you are lucky enough to source one, they are a better investment.

Finding the Best Mini Trampoline

Getting your heart rate up every day goes a long way towards increasing good health. Exercise also helps prevent many of the heart problems that so many people suffer today.

It all starts with creating a good base for exercise and fun outside of video games for the youngest generations. A trampoline can be a wonderful way to entice them to get those bodies in motion! 

If you’re short on space but the kids are dying to jump, you can give them the same health benefits with a mini trampoline.

Which is the best mini trampoline for kids?

We’ve got it all figured out…

Mini Trampoline Review

Little Tikes 3' Trampoline

Little Tikes 3' Trampoline

If you’ve searched far and wide for the best mini trampoline, you can stop right here.

Little Tikes 3' Trampoline is for those with small spaces. 

It's also great for those who prefer an indoor trampolin.

That means you can keep a better eye on your little one as she attempts to bounce her way to the moon.

She’ll burn off so much energy that you’ll have no problem getting her to sleep soundly when night time comes around!

This trampoline is sturdy plastic and metal and will stand up to the test of rowdy little ones jostling for the world record of jumps in a minute.

The lightweight construction (about 15 lbs) means that you can take it from place to place with very little effort.

Pros & Cons


A mini trampoline gives you the same benefits as a larger trampoline without needing the space. Little Tikes is a well-known name in kids products. Most parents will recognize the quality that they’re getting.

Because it’s not heavy, one person can easily move it from room to room. You can even easily pack it up and take it to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the weekend. 

The bar makes it a lot safer for junior to jump, as holding on will help maintain a level of balance.

This one is wide enough and strong enough for more than one child to jump at once. That's not the case with some of the other mini trampolines on the market.


Mini trampolines aren't made for bigger kids. Although this one will take a lot of weight, your older children will grow out of it. 

Two 3-year-olds can easily have fun. Any more than that and you risk little ones being pushed or bounced off the mat.

There's no safety net, so kids must hold onto the bar at all times to avoid falling off the mat and onto the floor.

The trampoline isn’t for outdoor use. Although it would be fine on a sunny day, it won’t stand up to inclement weather for very long if you forget it out in the rain.

In Summary

You just can’t go wrong with a name brand that’s proven itself time and again, especially with regards to products geared towards kids.

A mini trampoline can help get those little ones exercised and give them hours of entertainment.

It won’t matter how nasty the weather is outside. Unlike a full sized trampoline, this one doesn’t need taking down each fall and reassembled come spring, so your kids can bounce in all four seasons. Little Tikes has certainly delivered!

The best mini trampoline will give your kids a place to bounce out their energy while (unbeknownst to them) giving them an opportunity for exercise that's so important for their health and well-being.

Here's a video on how to use a mini trampoline for exercise.