Looking For The Best Outdoor Pool Table? Here It Is!

September 6, 2019
best outdoor pool table

Nothing quite beats a sunny day with friends, spending time together and playing games in the sun. With an outdoor pool table, you can take one of your favorite games outside on those sunny days.

However, bringing just any pool table outside to stay is a fast way to get your pool table destroyed.

So, we've not only looked for the best outdoor pool table for you, but also what an outdoor pool table needs to be the best.

What Makes a Good Outdoor Pool Table?

Before you jump right into looking at outdoor pool table reviews, you should consider what makes a pool table a good choice.

First of all, your pool table should be durable. If it can’t handle weather and the elements, it isn’t a good pool table to use outdoors.

However, you shouldn’t have to trade looks for durability and detract from the look of your patio or deck. If assembly of your new pool table is included, that's only a plus that will save you time and energy.

There are certain aspects of what to expect from the best outdoor pool table that you should expect from any pool table as far as gameplay. The table should have bumpers to keep the ball moving when it hits the sides of the table, for example.

It's also important that your table is perfectly flat, so the addition of leg levelers is a must.

If your new table comes with the necessary equipment to play the game, that's also an important feature, considering the money it will save you on buying them separately.

Best Outdoor Pool Table Review

East Point Sports Outdoor Table

East Point Sports Outdoor Table

We found that the best available outdoor pool table was an 87-inch billiard table made by EastPoint Sports.

The table is very modern in design with a sleek aluminum frame that's durable enough to last, whether it's housed in a patio or it's just in your backyard.

The playing surface and table cover are also durable, since they're made to be weather resistant.

This table will give you a beautiful pool table that's safe to keep outside. At 87 inches long, you have plenty of play room as well.

As far as gameplay goes, the rubber bumpers on the sides of the table offer a consistent bounce that's up to professional standards. Leg levelers also help keep the table flat for precision play.

It also comes with enough equipment for two players. That includes 2 wooden cue sticks, 1 set of (16) billiard balls, 2 billiard chalk cubes, and a billiard triangle rack.

To take care of and protect your table, this table also comes with a table brush and a table cover for when it isn’t in use. For an extra fee, you can even take out the assembly from your life.

Pros and Cons

This table is seemingly perfect. Rubber bumpers and leg levelers to ensure smooth gameplay and all on a spacious and level field.

It also offers the durability of an outdoor table but doesn’t sacrifice its unique and attractive design in the process.

It also comes with everything a pair would need to play the game and to take care of the table. This saves you the money and time of buying these supplies separately.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. This wouldn’t be a useful review if we didn’t take a look at some of the downsides of this product. 

Mostly, customers have complained about damages in shipping with this product, which can be countered by ordering it from reliable sources.

The other downside of this is that since it's such a large product, it can be difficult to assemble. Getting it assembled professionally does cost extra.


All in all, this would be a product we recommend for anyone looking for a reliable outdoor pool table. It features a fantastic play surface as well as a fashionable design that won’t be an eyesore in your backyard.

It also comes with everything you need to play, so you won’t need to order them separately and can get everything you need at once.

If you’re looking for the best outdoor pool table for your home, this one fits all the criteria to be your best choice.

Here's a video that teaches how to shoulder off the rails.