Guide To The Best Ping Pong Balls: Reviews & Comparisons

September 6, 2019
best ping pong balls

When choosing new ping pong balls, you need to know they're not all made equal! The old celluloid table tennis balls are ancient history. 

These days, plastic table tennis balls are gaining in popularity.  More and more competitive players use them, as well as the average table tennis player at home.

The playing features of the new plastic ping pong balls are comparable to celluloid but have more special unique features. I’m going to share my knowledge about the best ping pong balls with you, then share one of my favorites!

My personal favorite are the top class Nittaku Premium ping pong table balls.

Things to Consider

To the layperson, all balls may look the same. But in reality, there are a lot of subtle differences which can change your game completely. You should consider the following things when picking your ping pong ball:

  • The material of the ball
  • The star rating it has
  • The size of the ball
  • Clipboard List
    The purpose (is it for training? For fun games?)

Why Choose Plastic Ping Pong Balls?

While it’s true that plastic ping pong balls can break or crack, if you buy seamless plastic balls then there's much less chance of that. When it comes to ping pong balls, plastic is where it’s at, being the cheapest and best option.

The best ping bong balls are the Nittaku Premium balls. They've been given the best reviews worldwide and are of the best quality materials. Ping pong balls have a star rating system from one to three.

You want to make sure you only choose three star balls as they'll last you the longest and are the most durable.

It’s interesting to note that the reason why ITTF changed their regulations and stopped using the balls made from celluloid was because they were flammable, and had very limited shipping and storing regulations.

They're actually so flammable that back in april of 2015 China used them for a fuel source! Can you imagine that?

On another note, the color of your ping pong ball doesn’t really matter unless you’re playing professionally. I personally like to use red ping pong balls as I find they're the most visible and easiest to play with.

The Best Ping Pong Balls 

Nittaku Premium Ping Pong Balls

By far the best ping pong balls are the 3-Star Nittaku Premium ping pong balls.


They make these ping pong balls in Japan out of a new non-celluloid plastic. Three come in a box.

They're ITTF approved and made of a supreme quality poly material, consistently round and extremely dependable.

These ping pong balls are extremely light being only 0.8 ounces each and have almost a five-star rating on Amazon.

Nittaku Premium Ping Pong Balls

These plastic balls are competition grade 40+ and are well known to be the good ping pong balls to be using. They have prime consistent bounce, great spin and a great feel to them.

These balls are even being used for the 2017 World Championship tournaments in Germany and are the officially approved ball of USA Table Tennis. How cool is that?

If you’re looking for the best ping pong balls then the Nittaku Premium ping pong balls are the best choice for you.

What Makes a Great Ping Pong Ball?

What makes a good ping pong ball is the quality. You want a nice crisp snap as the ball contacts your table tennis paddle and for the ball to have a great bounce and feel.

These Nittaku balls don’t compare to any of the old celluloid ping pong balls and are in a class all of their own.

They're perfectly round and extremely durable. I've played for three hours straight and not one has broken or cracked!

You'll notice when using these balls that your bounce will have no delay. There will be no skidding of the ball, like the old celluloid balls did.

Choosing poly ping pong table balls is certainly the only direction to go. Only Nittaku has the best poly material to fabricate them.

Why choose the old celluloid balls that were so extremely unsafe and could combust at any given moment?

Trust the ITTF and pick poly balls made by Nittaku, a premium Japanese-made product. They'll last you the longest, and are the most durable and safest option!

How to care for table tennis balls

One of the most important things to do with table tennis balls is to wash them in tepid, soapy water after each use. After cleaning, you should store your balls in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight.


Simply put, the Nittaku Premium ping pong balls are truly the best ping pong balls you can ever invest your money and time in. 

I'll continue to speak so highly of these awesome ping pong table balls and recommend them to all my friends and family. I hear they’re going to come out in orange. I’ll certainly be ordering some when they do!

The video below shows six different way of serving in ping pong.