The Best Ping Pong Table Under $500: Reviewed & Rated For Value

June 20, 2019
Choosing the Best Ping Pong Table Under $500

Looking for a new activity for a game room or other recreational area? Wanting a new activity for the family to enjoy?

A ping pong table is just the thing!

A ping pong table is a great way to get the whole family up and moving and is also a hit at parties. If you’re looking for a quality table, though, your options can sometimes be a bit pricey.

Thankfully, there are fantastic brands and makes out there that offer amazing quality at a great price. We’ve made the search easy for you with our pick for the best ping pong table under $500.

How To Choose a Quality Ping Pong Table

If you're undecided about whether you want an indoor or outdoor table, one that's durable enough for the outdoors is fine for the indoors as well. 

You’ll want a table that's easy to store and move as well. An official standard size is 108” x 60” x 30”, so make sure you have sufficient space.

The Best Ping Pong Table for the Money

Joola Nova Tour DX
Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Joola Nova Tour DX Outdoor Table Tennis Table is our choice for the best ping pong table under $500.

Don’t let the name put you off; this table can also be used indoors.

This all-weather ping-pong table comes in two halves and the multi-coated playing surface is 6mm aluminium plastic composite.

Because this table tennis table is made for the outdoors, it can withstand rain, wind, and sun.

Enjoy it while the sun is out and the weather is warm and bring it indoors when it’s not, even though it can endure harsh conditions. 

Joola Nova Tour DX Outdoor Table Tennis Table

This table resists warping and chipping. The undercarriage and legs are rust-resistant.

The table works on a trolley system, with auto folding legs and locking mechanisms to keep your table in place during intense play. The bounce is even throughout the playing surface and good for intense play.

It's an official standard table tennis table size and has a professional look and feel to it when playing. The net is also weather-resistant.

No one around to have a game with? Simply turn one of the tables vertically to create a wall for playback mode to get in a good practice before a competition.

There's no need to keep the table out if you need the space. The table halves both fold vertically, the legs retract automatically, and the table can be wheeled away. When folded, it measures 62” x 22” x 67”.

The ease of assembly, convenient storage, and ability to use indoors or outdoors makes it obvious why this would be the pick for the best ping pong table for the money.

Pros & Cons

Although the Joola Nova Tour DX is an outdoor table, it can be great as an indoor table too.

If you do choose to use it as an outdoor table, it can withstand the outdoor elements. However, to prolong the life of your table, it's recommended to use a cover when not in use, which isn't included.

It may not be the first sport that comes to people’s minds, but ping pong is a great way to get the whole family up and moving. The kids will be having fun without knowing they’re getting some exercise in!

People of all ages can play against each other since this is a game that has been loved by all generations. This is the best ping pong table for the money when looking for something for everyone to enjoy.

This table is best for level surfaces. There are anti-tilting devices installed, but it's best to put this on an even surface if possible.

There will also need to be not only enough space for the table, but for enough playing room at the ends as well.


Ping pong is an excellent activity that can be played indoors or outdoors. It's loved by people of all ages. 

A ping pong table makes a wonderful addition to any games room, recreational room or outdoor area for some fun, but that kind of entertainment doesn’t need to break the bank.

Our choice for the best ping pong table under $500 is sure to deliver all the quality of a more expensive table and just as much fun!