Scooter Accessories Guide: Best Scooter Helmet & Shoes

September 6, 2019
best scooter helmet

If you have a little one that's using a scooter then you know how important their safety is. As a parent, your child’s safety is always the first thing on your mind. Keeping them safe when they're riding their scooter is no exception to the rule.

I've found the best scooter helmet and the best scooter shoes for kids currently on the market. If your child is using a scooter then they should be wearing a helmet and if possible the right shoes.

Let’s talk about the Razor V-17 helmet and the Keds Graham Classic Lace-Up Scooter Shoes.

These two products do the job perfectly and are great suggestions for those looking for some gear in the scooter department.

Choosing a Scooter Helmet and Scooter Shoes

When looking for the best scooter helmet you want to take into consideration the shape of the helmet and also getting the correct fit. If the helmet falls off your child because it’s too big then its purpose is completely defeated.

In addition, you don’t want a helmet that is too loose otherwise it could obstruct your child’s line of sight.

If you’re shopping online for a helmet then you'll want to measure your child’s head circumference to ensure that you purchase one that will fit correctly. You’ll want it to fit snuggly.

Your child may complain about it at first but most riders quickly adjust to the feeling. If it’s sliding around on their head then the helmet is too large for them.

Of course, you also want to think about the helmets design and color. If you choose a darker color it could be harder to spot your child when it's dark outside or even during daylight hours. You can even purchase ones with light reflectors for the added safety bonus.

Most parents don’t really think about getting their kid scooter shoes, however, they really are an integral part of having good comfort and stability.

Having the best scooter shoes on is not only going to take care of their feet but is going to give your child more grip when on the scooter deck and when kicking off.

When looking for the best scooter shoes you want ones that are thick in the sole, close-toed, of course, and they should have good support in the ankle area.

Size vs Age Guide

The best (and safest) helmet you can wear while riding your scooter is one that fits you correctly. Most helmets for children under 18 run by age brackets, allowing you to select the safest option for your child.

For adults, helmets run by size – either by head circumference and diameter or by Small, Medium and Large.

Best Scooter Helmet For Kids

Razor V-17 Child Helmet

Razor V 17 Child Helmets

Razor is certainly a company that stands out when it comes to scooters and their helmets are no exception.

They make the best scooter helmet in the world in my opinion.

They’re based in California and originally started up in 2000 and have worked their way to being the top scooter company in the world.

The Razor V-17 is as good as it gets when its comes to a safety helmet and can be used for any sport such as bike riding, skateboarding etc.

They're completely adjustable, look amazing, and are very solidly built.

The outer shell of this high-quality helmet is thick and durable and has a nice EPS foam inner liner. The padding inside is ergonomic and comfortable.

You can easily remove the pads for cleaning, and it comes with two alternative inserts for different head shapes.

Best Scooter Shoes For Kids

Keds Graham Classic Lace-Up Scooter Shoes

Keds Graham Classic Lace Up Scooter Shoes

You don’t have to buy your child expensive, specific scooters shoes.

These classic Keds Lace-up shoes do just the trick and provide your little one with the foot protection that they need. They have a perfect rubber sole for grip and stability.

They have the new outsole fabrication with flex grooves for maximum comfort and mobility.

I also like the sporty rubber toe cap for added protection and when you're kicking off while scootering that proves very useful. There's also a padded collar and terrycloth inside lining for supreme comfort.

Keds has been around since 1916 and is known as the shoe of champions because of its strong reputation as America’s top and premier athletic brand.

These shoes have been worn by many Olympic soccer players, lots of college athletes and tennis champions.

Your little one will be stylin’ all over in these classic Ked shoes!

In Conclusion

The cutting-edge Razor V-17 helmet is perfect for any child who loves to use a scooter. The Keds lace-up shoes are the perfect shoes for scooting. Get your precious children zipping down the streets safely with these two items.

Aside from toddlers and kids, there are teens that are into scooters as well.

After purchasing some scooter accessories, they're now ready to try out one of these beginner scooter tricks.