5 Best Trampoline Brands: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

June 20, 2019
best trampoline brands

No matter what side of the market you are on, branding is essential. For you as a consumer, a brand can give you some insight on some key facts about the product you’re buying.

The importance of finding a trustworthy brand increases with the size of the investment you're making.

For example, if you're buying something big, like a trampoline, you’ll want to buy from the best trampoline brand to make sure you can trust that you’ll get your money’s worth.

To help you out, we've found some of the best trampoline brands so you know a little more about who to buy from and what to buy.

5 Best Trampoline Brands Reviewed

1. Zupapa


Zupapa is a brand that focuses on anything children and their parents could want or need.

In their outdoor line, they create trampolines as part of their product line, but they also produce outdoor furniture.

They also have a line of more practical products such as strollers and basinets.

But Zupapa knows that the fun isn’t just for kids!

That’s why they make the weight limits on their trampolines high enough for parents to join in on the fun.

Their trampolines boast high durability and large jumping areas, making them spacious and fun to play on. They’re also a brand that's highly concerned with safety, so you won’t have to worry.

2. Skywalker Trampolines

Skywalker Trampolines was a company founded in 2004 with the goal of creating some of the safest trampolines on the market.

As technology improves over time, so does Skywalker Trampoline’s products.

As well as being safe, their products are also promised to be durable and trusted, so you know you can let your family use them.

Skywalker Trampolines

These large and netted trampolines are known to go above and beyond in their product quality. If you're looking for family fun,  the Skywalker Trampoline promises to be the way to do it.

3. ExacMe

NewAcme LLC was founded in 2011 and later created the brand ExacMe to handle their line of sports equipment.

Not only do they carry the products you want, but they manufacture them as well.

You know you can trust what they're selling you.


They have a personal motto of bringing value to their customers, which their customers have said they do very well. They have also strategically placed where their company is registered to offer their customers short shipping times.

Their products have also proven to be safe and durable for their consumers.

4. Giantex

Giantex is, as the name may suggest, an enormous company started in 1968 that works with a plethora of products. 

The products we're concerned with are, of course, the trampolines that they manufacture.


Giantex’s trampolines are made to be durable, safe, and affordable. They're made to be perfect for the family in both their size and weight limits.

Customers also love that their products are easy to assemble and come with clear instructions. After all, you should spend less time setting up your trampoline and more time enjoying your new item with your family.

5. Super Jumper

To finish off our list of the best trampoline brands, we have Super Jumper.

Super Jumper has been around since 1996, so they've had a longer chance than most trampoline companies to perfect their craft.

Not only can you get quality trampolines from them, you can get quality trampoline parts from them as well.

Super Jumper

This gives them a distinct advantage over other companies since their trampolines can be repaired as problems arise, making them longer lasting. 

They also aim to make their products for both children and adults, so you don’t have to worry about pesky, low weight limits.


Brands are important and when you're shopping you need to know which ones you can trust. These are some of the best trampoline brands and you can buy any of them knowing your money is well spent.

Any of these company’s products will provide you with a safe and durable trampoline that will bring you fun for years to come.

The video below shows an advanced tutorial on basic coordination when using a trampoline.