The Complete Review Of The Carrom Foosball Table

September 6, 2019
carrom foosball table

Buying your first foosball table can seem very overwhelming as there are so many choices and brands to choose from.

How could you ever pick just one?

Which one will last you a lifetime without falling apart?

No need to worry! I’ve already done all the research and found the perfect brand for you.

The Carrom fossball table. It’s a very well known American based brand that sells a wide verity of family game tables.

Their quality cannot be exceeded and I adore their motto, “Quality Family Games.” Let’s talk about the top five Carrom foosball tables I’ve found and all their amazing features.

Carrom Foosball Table Reviews

1. Carrom Signature Foosball Table

This classic 55-inch foosball table is a reasonable price and comes in three fabulous sleek colors, bur oak, Moroccan and wild cherry.

I think this is the best pick for beginners who are not serious about the game but still want a decent product that's going to last them.

This table has adjustable leg levellers, pristine foosball players and wooden handles.

Wooden handles are the best because they prevent sweat and your hand slipping when taking shots.

Carrom Signature Foosball Table

The nicest feature of this table is that it's built for rough play and is very sturdy. This is a perfect choice if you're transitioning to more professional play or need a foosball table built to be roughhoused.

2. Burr Oak 750.33 Foosball Table

This classic and nifty option might not have the extra features of the Carrom signature, but it’s built of supreme quality and very sturdy.

Some highlights of this table include foosball men that are all hand-painted and the rods are triple chrome plated. 

750.33 Burr Oak Foosball Table

The legs are made of heavy miter that folds and have leg boots, so you can level the table when necessary.

3. Agean Foosball Table

What makes this foosball table stand out is the gorgeous blue color of the playing surface.

I love the thick cabinet design which also has a nice melamine covering.

This foosball table is sturdy, well built and will last your family many years. 

Agean Foosball Table

This table is good for families, teenagers and any non-competition players. 

I would definitely recommend this one for first-time buyers. You can set up one or three goalies with this table and the legs are made of miterfold black vinyl. All in all, this is a solid table for reasonable price.

4. Realtree Camouflage Collection

These are the two newest types of foosball tables that Carrom has made and they really call to the inner hunter.

The design isn’t, perhaps, to everyone’s taste, but plenty of people will love it.

You can get snow camouflage or tree camouflage, whatever suits your games room.

Realtree Camouflage Collection

This baby boasts hollow rods for optimum speed shooting and perfect wooden handles.

Rugged and adventurous, this foosball table is sure to bring out the competition. Think of what a great present this would make for the man cave.

It even has four convenient cup holders for your drinks. How perfect is that?


Carrom really does stand out against its competitors and have been in business for over 100 years.

You can’t beat Carroms superior quality and perfection. I love how this brand really does make a foosball table for every taste and style.

I hope I've helped you narrow down your choice, but just remember, any Carrom foosball table that you choose will stand the test of time and last your family a lifetime.

Get excited about buying your new foosball table and being able to unplug from your devices and spend some quality time with your family.

Here's a video showing the basics of foosball.