Keep The Ball Rolling: Finding Foosball Table Parts

September 6, 2019
foosball table parts

If you've ever owned your own foosball table, you'll attest to the fact that they can be treated pretty roughly and poorly.

You may notice that your foosball table is just wearing out, missing parts or even has broken parts. That being said you may find yourself needing to replace foosball accessories and foosball table parts now and again.

I’m going to explain the easiest ways to find the parts and what type of parts you should be looking for so you can fix your foosball table and get back to playing your favourite foosball games. So let’s get started!

Foosball table Configurations

Foosball tables typically come with one of two configurations, depending on the number of “goalie” men on the table.

There is a three-man goalie configuration as well as a one-man goalie configuration. Tables will typically have 6-8 rows of 1-3 men used to kick the ball back and forth between sides.

The table will also come with several balls, which are loose and used as the main object of the game.

What Foosball Table Parts Do I Need?

There are so many brands of foosball tables out there that all have different parts and accessories. So first of all, you need to establish what brand of table you have, and then you can start seeking out what part you need.

You need to be aware that the quality of the new parts you buy is very important as depending on the quality and type they can impact your game.

It’s never advantageous to try to upgrade your foosball accessories later on, as you'll end up losing money.

Say for example you are looking to replace your foosball table rods. You would, first of all, find out what type of foosball table you have.

Let’s say you’re looking for Harvard foosball table parts. Then you would only seek out the table rods that go with that specific table.

Check out the links at the end of the article for some great websites where you can order your foosball table parts easily and directly.

What About Table Levelers and Soccer Legs?

These two items I believe are critical to keeping your table usable and to help it last forever. Legs are so important because they're what keep your table stable and avoid it moving on you during a game.

The standard is that your table legs should be about 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches. If you can afford larger, by all means, get them but don’t go any smaller than that. If you do you'll greatly compromise the balance and stability of your table.

You also want to make sure you have adjustable legs so you can raise or lower your table. Also, having a good table leveler really adds to the essence of the game and, of course, to fairness.

You can’t have a table that has an uneven surface. Threaded leg levelers are the perfect ones to use as they're the simplest to install and work the best. They can be moved up and down or can raise either corner of the foosball table.

What Foosball Accessories Should I Look For?

Next, we're going to briefly discuss some different types of foosball accessories you can buy and what things you should be looking for in particular.

1. Foosball Balls

When looking for replacement foosball balls you want to avoid purchasing any that are shiny, plastic or have a slippery finish.

Go for sticky or tacky foosballs that can get pinned easily by your foosball men. The nice thing about foosball balls is they're fairly cheap to replace.

2. Foosball Handles

The most important thing to look for in foosball handles is the grip and quality.

Wooden handles are the only ones to buy as plastic will make your hand sweat, slip and effect the accuracy of your game.

3. Foosball Rods

When shopping for these you want to remember that the heavier they are, the more they affect the speed of your game.

Chrome hollow rods are the ones to go for as they provide optimum shot effectiveness and ease of use.

How to Maintain
Your Foosball Table

Maintaining a Foosball table is an important aspect of ownership. Be sure to use a clean, dry cloth to keep your table free of any dust.

In order to lubricate the rods, be sure to use specially made Foosball silicone. It is important not to use WD-40 or a similar lubricant as these will dry out the rods after prolonged use.


There you have it! Those are some of my tips and tricks of what to look out for when buying new parts for your foosball tables and how to find foosball table parts.

The most important thing to remember is to be choosy when picking out your new parts and really do your research.

You want to buy parts and accessories that really are going to last. Table levellers and soccer legs are the most critical parts for your foosball table, so put the effort into getting the right ones.

If you follow these recommendations I believe your foosball table will last you generations.

Here's a short video on how to maintain your foosball table.