Garlando Foosball Tables Reviewed, Rated & Compared

June 20, 2019
garlando foosball table

Children and adults of all ages are usually quick to run to the foosball table when they spot one at an arcade or sports bar.

Garlando have been making these foosball tables to be enjoyed by all since the late 1940’s.

Since then, it has exploded into a fun leisurely activity played all around the world, with Garlando at the helm of producing quality tables.

Here, you’ll find Garlando foosball table reviews of the best products by Italian foosball table designers.

Garlando Foosball Table Reviews

1. Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table

This is the most popular choice of all the Garlando foosball table models.

The table is of excellent quality that gives it sturdiness, including telescopic steel rods that are coated with anti-rust chromium.

The downside to this product is that you need to put it together yourself, with instructions that may seem too brief.

However, the main playing field is at least preassembled.

Garlando G500 Indoor Foosball Table

An electric screwdriver or drill is a good idea to help make assembly easier. Within an hour, you can have the family playing on it as “Team Red” or “Team Blue!”

2. Garlando G-500 Indoor/Outdoor
Weatherproof Foosball Table

Are you wanting to put a table outdoors when the weather is nice, and back indoors when it isn’t?

Garlando has the solution with their indoor/outdoor weatherproof model.

It's the same design as the indoor G-500, including chromium plated telescopic rods.  It is waterproof and washable.

Garlando G500 IndoorOutdoor Weatherproof Foosball Table

The hardware has tropical anti-rust treatment, making it OK to sit out in warmer climates. Because sometimes it can be tricky having a level area outdoors, the table has levelers on the legs.

It also comes with a handy vinyl table cover. This weatherproof model is a hit during a barbecue or outdoor party.

3. Garlando G-5000 Wenge Indoor Foosball Table

If you’re wanting something a bit more stylish and even elegant than your standard foosball table, then Garlando’s G-5000 model is worth looking at.

The slanted legs add for greater stability and a sleek look. This product is also for the serious players.

Garlando G5000 Wenge Indoor Foosball Table

The handles are plastic but with wooden insets that reduce perspiration during those intense games and also allow for improved grip.

There are steel ball bearings that improve the speed of the game and allow for less friction in the rods, providing a very smooth, gliding effect when playing. 

The unbreakable players are grey and brown, which is a more subtle colour than a bright red, white, or blue.

It still comes with the Garlando standard anti-rust chromium plated telescopic rods and leg levelers to help with an even playing field no matter what the surface is like.

4. Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor
Weatherproof Foosball Table

This is a lightweight version of the standard models but that doesn’t mean it's any lower quality. 

It’s made with the same detail and quality materials.

The weatherproof cabinet is 3/4" thick and made with innovative plastic and reinforced fiberglass.

Garlando Open Air IndoorOutdoor Weatherproof Foosball Table

The plastic makes it very durable for the outdoors, as does the three-layer chromium plated telescopic rods.

This model has legs that fold easily, making it a table that can be conveniently stored away, moved outdoors when the weather is nice and back inside.

That also means that when it arrives, it’s nearly totally assembled, unlike the other models. You only need to put in the rods.

5. Garlando Foosball Table Master Champion

As the name implies, this Garlando foosball table is built for the professional.

Its cabinet is built 1.25” thick with multi-layered plywood, reinforced with aluminium and coated with a plastic laminate.

The silver legs are solid steel and anti-scratch.

Garlando Foosball Table Master Champion

The legs also have rubber bumpers on the end of increased shock absorption.

The playfield is of tempered glass with silkscreen lines. Each goalkeeper comes with distancing rubbers that ensure your player is always in the goal range.

The handles come with wooden inserts that improve grip during intense play.


Consider the quality of a Garlando foosball table for a fun way of bringing people together.

These are not your flimsy plastic models, but a product that is made by a company that has specialized in foosball tables for decades. It would make a great addition to any game room for both kids and adults!

Below is a video with some cool foosball tricks from world champion Robert Atha.