Our Guide To Choosing Good Darts For Your Board

June 13, 2019
good darts

So, you’ve just purchased your first dart board. Congratulations!

Prepare yourself for years of fun and fired up competitions with friends and family.

The next step is getting the right darts for your board. Yes, it really does matter what kind you purchase as there are good darts and bad ones. It pays to read all the dart reviews you can find and do your research.

I’m going to share with you my top five favorite darts that are available on the market and explain why it pays to be choosy when selecting darts for this awesome game.

5 Good Dart Brands Reviewed

1. Target Darts Pixel Grip Titanium Shafts Azuri Blue

Target Darts Pixel Grip Titanium Shafts Azuri Blue

These are the best steel tipped darts with great reviews on Amazon.

I strongly believe in choosing darts with a titanium finish.

Not only do they offer a unique classy look but their also very long lasting and the most modern dart you can find.

A titanium finish means that the dart will not tarnish from use.

It’s also interesting to note that the titanium protects the metal and doesn't affect the weight of your dart. These darts give you the latest technology and have pixel grip for added edge when playing.

The pixel grip allows you to hold the dart in new positions and maximize power upon your throw. You can buy these in three different lengths depending on your needs or preferences.

2. UZOPI Five Packs Steel Tip Darts

This is an Amazon best seller and for very good reason.

These steel tip darts have great reviews and you definitely get what you pay for in this set.

These darts have strong brass plated steel barrels which will help with balance and accuracy.

UZOPI 5 Packs Steel Tip Darts

The shafts are made out of durable aluminum which makes them virtually unbreakable and extremely durable. They offer polypro dart flight which allows you to increase your speed.

This set is great for all skill levels and I love the classic contrasting look of the gold barrels and black shafts. These darts are on the heavier side which ensures great landing and target optimization.

3. CUESOUL 20 Grams Steel Tip Darts Set

You can purchase these cool darts in five different colors and they sell for a very reasonable price.

I love the fact that they come with a nice case to protect and store your darts when not in use.

CUESOUL 20 Grams Steel Tip Brass Barrels Nickle Planting Darts

These darts have strong steel tips and that is what you want in a dart as they will last you much longer and they won't dull with time. Steel tips are made for paper or bristle dart boards and these are very good darts for the price.

These truly are fantastic, perfectly balanced darts that are great for all playing levels and skills.

4. Winmax Darts Phoenix Brass Steel Tip Darts Set, Set Of 3

I think the look of these darts is really unique and cool.

They have a five-star rating on Amazon with many great reviews.

The shafts on these darts are made of tough flights and nylon, and come in a slim black container.

Winmax Darts Phoenix Brass Steel Tip Darts Set

There are three extra nylon shafts for spare. These darts have a very hard point that works for experienced or beginner players. The barrels are brass, have good balance and throw very well.

Winmax makes quality products at a great price making them a strong contender in my top five. These are definitely a fine set of darts that would be a great addition to any dart board game.

5. Wolftop 15 Pack Steel Tip Darts 18 Grams

For my last top five pick I selected another Amazon top seller.

These steel tip darts are great for any skill level and even come with a dart sharpener.

The shafts are 2BA aluminum which makes them virtually unbreakable and very durable.

Wolftop 15 Pack Steel Tip Darts 18 Grams

The barrels are made of shiny brass plating and have a stunning look to them. They have outstanding placement of knurling and grooves to help you get a good grip and balance when throwing.

I also appreciate how light they are and the construction is truly top notch. I definitely recommend these darts for everyone.


When it comes to choosing your darts really think of your style and how heavy you want your dart to be. There are so many different and good darts to choose from, but I love bristle dart boards the best, so that narrows down your search to steel tip darts.

Darts do vary greatly in price so I feel I’ve picked out five great choices for you that range in price, so depending on what your budget is there will be one for you.

I hope this guide really helps you and I wish you happy dart hunting adventures!