The Best Inflatable Water Slides For Adults And Kids

September 2, 2019
inflatable water slides for adults

With the summer months fast approaching, you may be looking for something to ramp up your summer fun at home.

Now, who'd ever have though they would have come out with such a thing as inflatable water slides for adults? Well believe it. Your childhood dreams have finally come true.

Now you can let the kid in you out. Have a look at these inflatable water slide reviews. These are guaranteed to be the best inflatable water slides that you can buy for yourself, and your family.

They ensure hours of cool summer fun, for a fraction of the cost of a swimming pool. The best thing is, these inflatable water slides are for kids too.

Inflatable Water Slides Comparison Guide 


Product/Model Name


Theme /Colour



27Ft. Surf the Curve Water Slide

Inflatable Slide



JumpOrange Commercial Grade Octopus WetDry Inflatable Bouncy House and Slide Combo

Bouncy Castle and Slide



Wahii Waterslide 75




Tent and Table Inflatable Pogo Magic Castle Water Slide Bounce House with Blower

Bouncy Castle and Slide

Magic Castle


Tent and Table 24Ft Double Lane Water Slide Wet or Dry Commercial Inflatable Slide

Inflatable Slide



Rave Sports 00002 Dock Slide

Dock Slide



Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

Paddling Pool and Slide



Amazing Pool Maze Inflatable Floating Play System

Pool Maze



Rainbow WetDry Bounce House with Slide and Climbing Wall Combo

Bouncy Castle and Slide



Island Hopper 10Ft Bounce N Splash Water Park with Bouncer Slide

Water Bouncer and Slide

Yellow and Blue


Benefits of having a blow up water slide

Having a blow-up water slide has many benefits, the greatest of which is the portable, collapsible nature of inflatable water slides.

Inflatable waterslides work well for those who may not want to keep up a water slide permanently or may want to transport the slide between different locations. 

Water slides can be a great source of exercise as well as add a unique element of fun to any pool setting. Inflatable water slides are easy to set up and take down, and may even be able to be assembled by children, depending on the size and scope of the slide.

Different Kinds Of Inflatables

With so many great entertainment ideas out there, it’s sometimes hard to see how just one option can be enough.

Here, I'm going to take you through some inflatable options that are available. I'll look at how they've been expertly coupled with the latest in inflatable water slide fun and adventure.

Interactive Inflatables

Interactive inflatables are just that, interactive. Inflatables makers over the years have added other dimensions to the fun of inflatables.

Adding different compartments to the inflatables, they've designed different areas that will help set the stage for fun and games for party-goers of all ages.

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

With incorporated inflatable obstacle courses, the fun and excitement will never end.

Who can win the challenge? Designers have created several options for you and your guests to run, duck, crawl, slip, and slide on your way to the end goal.

Inflatable Slides

Inflatables slides are the grand-daddy of the inflatables industry, and no inflatable would be complete without it. These bright and fun colored slides are a great way to get from one place to another, especially from the top to the bottom.

Soft and with safety in mind, these slides offer safe passage for all who are willing.

Inflatable Water Games

Everyone knows that the best way to beat the summer heat is with a little bit of water. What better way to do that than with a smile on your face?

Inflatable water slides are heaps of fun during the summertime. When you throw in the additional elements of great design and multiple modes of entertainment, the best inflatable water slides will keep you and the kids entertained for hours.

Brands of Inflatable Water Slide

Tent and Table

Founded back in 1984, Tent and Table have since used their cumulative knowledge to provide high-quality products and services to their customers. They have products in stock and available as needed.

Tent and Table specializes in unique and high-quality tents, inflatables, and party supplies for both rental purposes, and personal use.

They pledge to deal with their customers, at all times, with honesty and integrity. They also provide excellent customer service and follow-up.

Tent and Table sell commercial-grade party and rental equipment, with a guarantee of total customer satisfaction every time. Tent and Table are currently members of IAAPA, ARA, & IFAI.


JumpOrange began back in 2002, and since then have made safety and customer service their top priorities.

JumpOrange’s in-house design team combine “safety first and always” best practices, along with creative designs, to keep families and inflatable operators happy.

They have a large selection of inflatable bouncers, slides, obstacles, combos and more in stock and ready to ship. Their three product categories, Kiddo, Hero, and Monster, will fit anywhere from a small residence to a large commercial event.

Each inflatable is easy, safe, and professional looking, while the product QR code links to safety instructional videos for your convenience.

With customer safety a top priority, JumpOrange place truly visible safety features throughout their products that actually prevent accidents from happening. They're not just there for liability purposes.


Since 2007, Wahii has made it their mission to create childhood memories that last a lifetime. Wahii has introduced to us their Wahii WaterSlide, the biggest backyard waterslide in the world.

Measuring a mammoth 75ft long and 12ft wide, this tough and ultra-slick water slide has sold thousands across the globe. Manufactured in the U.S.A., this high-quality water slide is a hit at any outdoor event or festival, and can even be taken on holiday.

Wahii ensures that their water slide is crafted from the highest-quality materials, making it the nearly indestructible, super slippery, and tons of fun.

10 Best Inflatable Water Slides Reviewed 

In this list of the top 5 inflatable water slides I'm going to take you through the best that I could find on the web, and give you the low down on these fun, inflatable giants.

Their colorful nature as well as their safety aspects have made these some of the best on the market today.

They're all fully portable and won't stop you from taking the fun on the road with you. Whether off on vacation or simply at your neighbor’s barbeque, these inflatable water slides are guaranteed to have the party pumping, all day long. These are the best options for both kids and adults.

1. Surf the Curve Water Slide

27Ft. Surf the Curve Water Slide

This is a monstrous 27 foot, double-lane water slide that sends riders down the slide an into a wicked right-hand turn before sending them crashing into the splash pool at the end.

The Surf the Curve Inflatable Water Slide from Tent and Table is the tallest in their inventory, making it the ideal inflatable water slide for adults.

The inflated landing zone is safe in both wet and dry conditions.

The Surf the Curve Water Slide has triple thread seams with an additional glue seam for an optimum seal, to prevent water from seeping inside the inflatable.

Additionally, this triple seam and additional glue helps to keep dirt and sand from entering the seams, prolonging the life of the slide, and the fun.

The climbing area, top launch platform, and entrance area feature the added safety of non-slip grip material, giving you greater peace of mind when used wet. The splash zone has two built-in drains that keep the water level ideal for users of all ages.

The Surf the Curve Water Slide has been built from the highest-quality materials, ensuring a fun and safe experience for multiple seasons.

Tent and Table have included their exclusive Gator Mouth TM stress reliefs to prevent tearing at the wall and floor joints.

This package includes: 19 stakes, vinyl patch repair kit, a heavy-duty storage bag, 4x1.5HP blowers, a safety sign, and a business card holder.


  • Large size
  • Attaches to pool


  • High Price

2. JumpOrange Octopus Wet/Dry Inflatable Bouncy House and Slide

JumpOrange Commercial Grade Octopus WetDry Inflatable Bouncy House and Slide Combo

JumpOrange has recently released their newest addition to their inflatables range.

The Commercial-Grade Octopus Wet/Dry Inflatable Bouncy House Slide Combo is a 5-in-1 fun center that will ensure hours of fun and laughter wherever you decide to use it.

The combination of climbing, a jumping area, obstacle poles, a basketball hoop, and a wet/dry slide is sure to keep the kids entertained throughout the day.

Additionally, this 5-in1 masterpiece comes with an entrance ramp with side guard, water sprinkler Velcro loops, and an emergency exit.

Finished with a super-strong yet lightweight commercial grade vinyl, the Octopus is certain to last for many years of unending use.

This wet/dry combination slide is up to 50% lighter than any other product of its same size, while rolled up it boasts 50% less size, without sacrificing any of its strength.

The Octopus is strong enough for commercial use, and comes in a three-color scheme of purple, green, and blue.


  • Moderate price
  • self-contained


  • Does not attach to pool

3. Wahii Waterslide 75 – World’s Biggest Backyard Water Slide

Wahii Waterslide 75

The Wahii Waterslide implores you to take your backyard fun to the next level with their tough and durable, 75Ft long waterslide.

Measuring in at 75ft long and 12 feet wide, this waterslide is the ideal way to ramp up any birthday party or outdoor event, or simply to create childhood memories that last a lifetime.

Initial set-up takes about 15 minutes, due to the massive size of this slide, but will have you slip and sliding in no time. The Wahii Waterslide has been constructed using a special formulation of thick, UV protected plastic.

The extremely smooth surface is both tough and durable, with a rated measure of 256 Pounds per square foot. Wahii’s U.S. Patented Zulu-Stik Fasteners are included and make sure that your waterslide holds firm to the grass.

It’s highly recommended that you use a hill or slope when using this waterslide to get the most out of it.


  • Moderate price
  • self-contained


  • Does not attach to pool

4. Tent and Table Inflatable Pogo Magic Castle Water Slide 

Tent and Table Inflatable Pogo Magic Castle Water Slide Bounce House with Blower

Tent and Table’s Magic Castle Bounce House inflatable comes with 4 attractions, and is one of the coolest inflatable water slides for kids.

The Magic Castle will keep the kids entertained for hours, and is the best way to get them outside and enjoying the sun and fresh air.

Easy to set up and take down, the Magic Castle inflates in a mere matter of minutes. Powered by electric blower that is included, Tent and Table have introduced their finest commercial-grade blower, that has been optimized for residential use.

The castle walls have been fully netted as an extra safety feature, while the large viewing windows allow you to keep a sharp eye on the kids while tending to the fire.

It's made of heavy-duty puncture and flame-resistant materials some with double and quadruple stitching for durability. The reinforced seams ensure puncture-resistant jumping, making these the finest residential bounce houses available anywhere.

The Magic Castle come with a recommended maximum occupancy of three people.


  • Fun design
  • self-contained


  • Only suitable for small children

5. Tent and Table 24Ft Double Lane Water Slide

Tent and Table 24Ft Double Lane Water Slide Wet or Dry Commercial Inflatable Slide

Manufactured using premium quality 15 ounce Plato “Lite and Strong” Vinyl with super tough 1000 denier base material, this Double Lane Commercial Inflatable Slide is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Tent and Table have double, triple, and in some areas 6-way box stitched their inflatables to ensure a high degree of durability, with reinforced seams.

As an extra safety feature, non-slip gripping materials have been used on the launch platform, climbing area, and entrance, for an extra-safe playing area.

The triple seams and additional glue seam prevent water from seeping into the inflatable, while at the same time it keeps dirt and sand from entering the seams, prolonging the water slides life.

The splash zone is fitted with two built-in drains to ensure the optimum water level for users of any age, while the exclusive “No-Jump Top” forces participants down the slide in the correct manner, ensuring a safer slide.

Included are: 18 Stakes, Vinyl patches repair kit, and 2x1.5HP blowers.


  • Allows for two sliders at once
  • large size


  • Very high price

6. Rave Sports 00002 Dock Slide

Rave Sports 00002 Dock Slide

This inflatable dock slide is easy to set up with the included 12V high pressure inflator/deflator. It measures in at an impressive 9Ft. 

Rolling up to the size of a sleeping bag, this inflatable water slide can be taken and used virtually anywhere.


  • Moderate price
  • can be used by all ages


  • Not self-contained (needs dock)

7. Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

This includes a water slide, wading pool, water sprayer, and ring toss game with 4 rings.  A ball roller game and toss ball game with 6 plastic balls are included.


  • Self-contained play center for children
  • low price


  • Used for small children only

8. Amazing Pool Maze Inflatable Floating Play System

Amazing Pool Maze Inflatable Floating Play System

This is a slide, a play maze, and a float that turns your pool into a water amusement park. Includes: 1xcube station, 1x5Ft. cube tube, and 1x3Ft. cube tube.


  • Compact size


  • Currently unavailable for sale

9. Rainbow Wet/Dry Bounce House With Slide 

Rainbow WetDry Bounce House with Slide and Climbing Wall Combo

This is made from super-heavy-duty puncture and flame resistant materials, this super durable inflatable will be yours for years to come.

With large viewing windows and protective netting, it’s ideal for keeping a safe eye on the kids.


  • Multiple uses
  • self-contained


  • Currently unavailable for sale

10. Island Hopper 10Ft Bounce N Splash Water Park With Bouncer Slide

Island Hopper 10Ft Bounce N Splash Water Park with Bouncer Slide

This comes with an exclusive “No Blow-Out” limited warranty and a nylon webbing bouncer design.

The ½ inch thick foam perimeter offers unrivaled protection and safety comfort, and is constructed using 1000 denier PVC material.


  • Multiple uses
  • 5 year limited warranty


  • Price
  • needs lots of space

Inflatable Water Slide Buying Guide

When it comes to spending your hard-earned money on some rather thrilling family entertainment, there are a few things that you need to know and look out for when making that all-important decision.

Here I’m going to run you through some key features to be on the lookout for when deciding on which inflatable water slide to invest in.


Probably the most important feature of any inflatable is that it's built to last.

Having an inflatable water slide that tears or rips, or has the stitching come loose is simply put, a waste of time and money. Once this happens your investment will never be the same again.

It’s advisable to look for quality stitching and materials when choosing your inflatable water slide. Having weak and shoddy stitching and material composition means it won't last long and will only prove to be a big waste of money.

Double and triple stitching are firm and secure methods of securing seams and corners, while a sturdy and strong vinyl composition will give your inflatable the best and strongest surface area.

Combination Options

As you've seen from the inflatable water slide reviews above, the most entertaining of inflatable is probably one that comes with a few side games or additional inflatable features.

While an inflatable water slide is fun in itself, kids (and a number of adults) find themselves hard-up for entertainment, and always seeking something else to do.

A combination inflatable offers you, your kids, and your guests more than just one form of entertainment.

Additional games and obstacle courses, multiple sliding options, ball pits, bouncy houses, and many more. These will boost your entertainment options, and are especially great for children’s birthday parties.

Tips for a clean and long lasting backyard Water Slide

It is important to attend to the upkeep of any inflatable water slide. This means ensuring the slide is inflated properly so as to avoid injury by those who use it.

Slides should also be cleaned after each use. In order to make sure an inflatable water slide lasts as long as possible, be sure to store the slide in a clean, dry place when it is not being used.

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself

Do You Have a Pool?

Some units are specifically designed to fit in with your existing pool. This is something that should be considered when making your final decision.

How Much Use Will It Get?

If you’re going to using your inflatable throughout the year, it’s recommended that you consider investing in an extra-durable model, or one that's tear-resistant.

How Much Space Do You Have?

If you have a limited space to use, then perhaps you should be looking for a unit that can easily and readily be inflated and disassembled.

What's Your Budget?

Inflatable water slides vary vastly in price and what they have to offer. Naturally, the more features you want, the more you're going to pay.

It’s best to consider the needs of your family before choosing the right inflatable slide for you.


Adding an inflatable water slide to your entertainment regime, whether it be for yourself, your guests or your kids, is a great way to bring you all closer together.

While some of these inflatable water slides are for adults, the majority of them are just as safe and fun to be used by kids.

I hope you've enjoyed these inflatable water slide reviews, and make the most out of whatever you go with this summer!

While we're on the topic of water slides and water fun, here's a video with 10 coolest water slides in the world to get you excited!