Ping Pong Table Size: Everything You Need You Know

September 5, 2019
ping pong table size

A ping pong table can be a fun new addition to any room. However, with so many different sizes to choose from, are you getting the right one for you?

From wanting to play professionally to a table specifically for children, there are several different appropriate sizes depending on what you want to achieve with a ping pong table.

With many other different aspects to consider when picking out your table, it can get confusing as to what’s best.

This guide will help you determine the right ping pong table size for you.

Ping Pong Table Sizes 

1. Official Ping Pong Table

If you want to have games on a table that’s like the ones the professionals play on, you'll be wanting to go for the official ping pong table size. This differs from tables meant for recreational use.

The measurements, as set by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), are 2.74 meters long by 1.525 meters wide (approximately 9 feet x 5 feet). It should also be 2 feet 6 inches from the floor. This is the size table used by the Olympics.

The table must be dark with white playing lines including along the edges. The top of the net must be 15.25 centimeters from the table. It should divide the table into two 1.37 meter halves. Of course, you'll need sufficient space to play as well.

For this standard size table, it's recommended to have a room that's at least 19 feet by 11 feet. You can play comfortably and not feel cramped or have play affected. Some seasoned, more intense players might want more space.

If you’ve ever watched table tennis professionals on television, you will have noticed some of them stand way back during play! 

Others might be fine with less space, but if you're playing doubles, the more space available, the better.

Be aware of low ceilings and any hanging light fixtures as well! If you're playing outside, there's usually more open space and ceilings and room size aren't something you need to worry about, but make sure you invest in an outdoor table if this is the case.

2. Recreational Ping Pong Tables

If you’re just looking to play for fun, to fill that games room up, or to have something for guests to play on during a get together, there are other options you can choose from without having a large professional sized table. However, you'll still be wanting to watch those ceilings.

Many ping pong tables for recreational use still come in the “tournament-size". Even if you don’t have that much room, you can go for the midsize option. These are approximately 84 inches by 42 inches (7 feet long by 3.5 feet wide.)

There's also a “mini” ping pong table size available, perfect for extra small spaces! These only tend to measure about 60 x 30 x 28 inches. They may be smaller, but you can still get a good quality table.

This table is ideal for a singles game as there isn't enough space for doubles.

Mini table tennis tables can usually be stored quite easily as well and played on different surfaces whether it's inside or outside, as long as the surface is flat. These tables are great for kids aged six or older.

3. Folding Ping Pong Table

If you have space to play but don’t always want a ping pong table there, many tables can be folded and stored away. This will help save on space when the table isn't in use!

Just be aware of the size of the ping pong table folded up, as this can still be quite large to some people, especially with the standard sized tables. Some can also be used as a regular table for entertaining if needed.


If you want to play competitively or just for fun, there's a ping pong table size that’s right for you! 

There are companies that specialize in these tables. They'll ensure you get the best quality no matter the size of ping pong table you choose to get. 

With the different options available for different sized rooms or even for outdoor play, you and your family can be enjoying a fun game no matter what the space available.

Here's a video with basic play tips for great for beginners.