Portable Soccer Goals: Reviewed & Rated For Games/Training

September 20, 2019
portable soccer goals full size

Soccer is a wonderful game. Unfortunately, goals are often permanent fixtures that are large and cumbersome.

This means that in order to play with friends or practice on your own, you have to visit the local park where goals are already set up.

I have some good news for you! Portable soccer goals are lightweight, can be easily set up anywhere, and then packed away and stored out of sight.

This means that you can set them up in even the smallest of backyards. The best portable soccer goal is one that's sturdy yet able to be moved with ease.

Read on to find out more about soccer goals that can be set up anywhere.

What Makes a Good Portable Soccer Goal?

Portable soccer goals should be considered in a different light to permanent structures, after all, they do serve a slightly different purpose.

In order to find the best portable soccer goal to suit your needs, the following factors should be considered.

Set Up and Storage

If the soccer goals are too difficult to set up and pack away, their portability ceases to exist. You want to be able to set the goals up swiftly in order to get playing straight away.

Equally, taking the nets down easily is essential if you have a small yard or intend to take the goals with you to and from the park. The storage size of the goals needs to be considered, especially if space is a concern.


If you’re setting up and packing away your soccer goals regularly, you don't want them to be heavy. The weight is a particular concern if you wish to transport the goals with you to the park or a friend’s yard.


It’s important not to compromise on the sturdiness of the soccer goals. Full-size goals need to withstand the force delivered to them by adults and older children.

You also want them to stand the test of time, it would be frustrating to have to replace them too frequently.

Cost Effective

Some of the best soccer nets can be rather expensive. Each individual budget is unique and whilst cost may not be an issue, you must consider your budget. If you intend to use the goals daily, spending more can be considered worthwhile.

However, soccer goals that will only be used on weekends during summer, may not be worthy of a high monetary investment.

Best Portable Soccer Goal Reviewed

GOLME PRO Ultra Portable Soccer Net

GOLME PRO Ultra Portable Soccer Net

The best portable soccer goals need to be able to be set up, taken down and moved from place to place.

When it comes to the GOLME PRO the name says it all – ultra portable!

It’s a full-size net which allows for accurate practice, especially for adults and older children who need practice conditions to be as close as possible to a game situation.

Taking a mere three minutes to both set up and take down, the goal also folds down to a small enough size to be carried from one location to another.

The small storage size helps make the GOLME PRO one of the best soccer nets for the backyard, as once it’s packed away it takes up virtually no space at all.

Aircraft-grade aluminum has been used to made the posts, ensuring not only their durability, but also meaning that they’re lightweight.

Pros and Cons

The net and posts fold down in one piece so there's no risk of losing small but vital parts.

A carry bag is included to help make the goal easy to transport. If you’re a little hesitant, you’re able to try the product for 30 days. If after this time you’re dissatisfied, you can return the product.

There’s also a one-year warranty to give you further peace of mind.

The price is on the upper end of the scale and when you consider this is only for one goal, it makes it a very expensive product. If you intend to use the goal for match practice you ideally need two goals, therefore doubling the price.

The GOLME PRO is one of the most durable portable soccer goals on the market.

Unlike many other portable soccer goals, the GOLME PRO is full sized and suitable for adults.

In Conclusion

If you're looking to invest in the best portable soccer goal, then the GOLME PRO is just what you need. Its durability doesn't compromise its ability to be taken down and moved at a moment’s notice.

You’ll able to practice or play anywhere you need to.

Grab a few friends, take your portable goals and enjoy the brilliant game of soccer!

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