12 Best Soccer Backpacks With Ball Holder Or Pocket Reviewed

September 5, 2019
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Searching for the best soccer backpacks to take with you to practice can be a difficult task. There are so many available to choose from, how do you know which is the right one?

Then, you have backpacks with ball pockets to consider as well. This feature is handy and allows you to take all the gear with you wherever you go. In addition, you don’t have to put a soccer ball in the bag for when you want to travel without.

The reason many of these bags are popular is the added space they provide. Let’s take a look at the best soccer backpacks with ball pockets or holders currently on the market.

Soccer Backpacks – Why Are They So Convenient?

You often see soccer players using soccer backpacks with integrated ball holders or pockets. Have you wondered what makes them so popular?

Many users agree that they provide a convenient way to carry all of your personal gear in one location. You’ll find backpacks that feature the ball holders as well as internal organizational pockets for smaller items.

In addition, many of them now feature padded and adjustable shoulder straps which maximize your comfort level, even when carrying an overweight bag full of supplies.

Some of the higher end backpacks are now offering a laptop sleeve so you can be connected while on the go. This helps you go right from class to practice without dragging multiple bags around with you.

With so many reputable brands now producing these convenient bags, you can have peace of mind knowing that the bag will hold up from the first practice until the championship game.

Don’t haul all that gear in multiple bags! Use the convenient method of investing in a soccer backpack with the integrated compartments you need to make life easier.

What to Look for when Buying a Soccer Backpack


When looking at backpacks or soccer backpacks, one of the most important features is the size and availability of storage within the bag.

It’s important you choose one with storage that is sufficient for you. If you need to carry books from school, soccer boots and water bottles, you should choose the option on the market with the most storage.

If you just need it to hold a snack, your water and your keys then a regularly sized bag will suffice. If the bag doesn’t come with much storage, you’ll end up not using it or losing things that you couldn’t fit in the bag. 

Material Used/Waterproof

Obviously, for a soccer rucksack, a waterproof surface is absolutely key. If the bag is not entirely waterproof and it comes in contact with moisture, then you risk damage to the things you have in the bag.

Imagine after a tough match, reaching into your bag and finding your jumper and clean socks soaking wet? It would be horrible.

When purchasing the rucksack, check the specifications to see if the bag is made of entirely waterproof material. You should also check that the manufacturers promise a 100% waterproof rucksack.


It goes without saying that when buying anything, the cost of it is one of the most important factors in your decision. Soccer rucksacks can vary greatly in price, so it’s important you look carefully at the cost and make sure that you’re happy with the amount you’re going to pay.

For something like a soccer rucksack, it is worth evaluating the value alongside the cost. If the model is a little bit more expensive but comes with a lot of accessories and warranty included then it could actually work out to be a better deal. 


It can be hard to understand why anyone buys anything these days without a warranty! Warranties are very important because of the increasing amount of anonymous internet sellers. You don’t know their identity or if they are trustworthy or not.

It is a huge leap of faith to buy something from someone you’ve never met online. That’s why warranties are an important must-do when purchasing anything.

Say for example you spend $60 on a new soccer rucksack for your brother’s birthday and when it arrives, you cannot wait to start playing outside. Suddenly, after just one game, it falls apart on the field. You would be distraught, right? If you had a warranty, you could have a new one in the mail tomorrow.

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Features of the Best Soccer Backpacks

Let’s take a look at the important qualities that will help you to choose the best soccer backpacks.

Ball Pocket or Holder

Instead of carrying your ball separately to a game or practice, you can use the convenient ball holder in your backpack. Keep in mind that each backpack will hold specific sizes of balls, so you’ll want to check that carefully before making a purchase.

In addition, many soccer backpacks that feature an area to hold the soccer ball will also accommodate other game balls as well. This is handy if you want to head to the beach for some volleyball or are planning a basketball game with your buddies.

Shoe Compartment

Many bags feature a separate area to store your shoes or cleats in. Not only does this make it simple for you to tote your cleats to practice, but it’s also convenient for storing your shoes while playing.

The separate area keeps the rest of your gear free from dirt, debris and odor.

Many of these shoe compartments are also vented so you don’t have to contend with nasty odors later.

Water Bottle Holder

Stay hydrated at all times even when on the go. Carry your water bottles in an easy-to-reach pocket located right on the side of your backpack. Now you’ll never forget to drink water during practice again.

Easy Access Pockets

Along with all the other features you can get with your backpack, keep an eye out for internal pockets. These are ideal for holding your wallet, keys, iPods, smartphones or headphones.

Don’t forget to bring along a small first aid kit as well. You could even utilize this area as an exit port to listen to your headphones while warming up.

Top 13 Soccer Backpacks Reviewed

Here are our picks for the best soccer ball backpacks on the market.

1. Athletico National Soccer Bag

Athletico National Soccer Bag

This specially designed backpack will accommodate a size 5 soccer ball and also has a special storage spot for your cleats.

With high-quality materials, you can expect this pack to last through countless practices and matches.

It has a large, well-ventilated compartment for any soccer/volleyball you need, to prevent moisture building up in the rucksack.

On the sides and back of this bag, you’ll notice light reflecting material plus a reflective buckle on the front to improve visibility. 

It is one of the more versatile bags on the market, with a 7-pocket accessories organizer which can be used for things like school materials, work items or personal things.

Both kids and adults will be happy with the spacious design, comfortable straps and various compartments.

2. Diadora Squadra Backpack

Diadora Squadra

The Diadora Squadra offers a new ergonomic friendly design to keep you comfortable no matter how heavy the gear is.

It’s made from durable 420 denier nylon and a PVC backing.It also features a front vented ball pocket and the side vented shoe tunnel.

For even more comfort, you’ll enjoy the padded anatomically shaped shoulder pads.

 With so many color choices available, it would be easy to match the entire team with your uniforms. You’ll pay a little more to have these additional features; however, it’s well worth the money considering one back will hold all your supplies.

3. ProSoccer Soccer Backpack w/Ball Pocket


Every one of these soccer backpacks has a ball compartment plus additional storage for your shin guards, equipment, cleats and water bottles.

When you are piling this much gear into a backpack, it needs to be durable. This bag features a ripstop nylon to outlast your games, practices and tournaments even during bad weather.

The ventilated pockets are going to keep the odors and bacteria down. In addition, the adjustable padded shoulder straps are ideal for providing maximum comfort while toting all the gear to practice.

Currently, this backpack only shows available in the color black so it isn’t very stylish or customizable.

4. DashSport Soccer Backpack


Young players will find this backpack to be the perfect size for their needs.

It isn’t bulky at all at only 18-inches tall, 12-inches wide and 10-inches deep. There’s room for water bottles, shin guards, socks, cleats, snacks and your ball.

The durable construction features 420D nylon with a PVC backing for tough everyday usage. 

Not only can it fit a size 5 soccer ball, but would also be useful in carrying a basketball or volleyball. The ventilated side pockets are going to reduce odor and help the gear air out.

To keep your kiddos comfortable, this backpack features a padded back with adjustable shoulder straps. It is also available in a variety of three colors and at a reasonable price.

5. Diadora Junior Squadra Backpack

Diadora Junior Squadra

With two side pockets and a small zippered pocket on the front, this backpack features everything your child needs to get to the game with just one bag.

It’s made from 420 denier nylon and PVC backing to provide a durable and long-lasting carry-all.

There is enough room for your clothing and shoes even after you put a ball inside. You can also use the front straps to tie a towel on if needed. 

The padded, anatomically shaped shoulder pads make it easy to carry even for long periods of time. This soccer backpack with ball holder is available in four color choices at a fairly reasonable price.

6. Vizari Sport Solano Backpack

Vizari Sport Solano

This soccer backpack with ball holder is a great choice to hold up to a size 5 ball.

There’s plenty of room inside the large, main compartment to hold your uniform and other gear. 

In addition, there are breathable side cargo pockets that will allow proper ventilation and air flow.

Users will appreciate the inner iPod pocket and headphone cable access. Plus, the padded straps make it exceptionally comfortable to wear.

With a 600D Poly/Jacquard blend, you can expect this backpack to stand up to months of abuse without showing wear. Not only is it available in five different color choices, but it’s also one of the least expensive backpacks to make our list.

7. Atletico Soccer Backpack with Ball Compartment

Atletico Sport

This specially designed backpack will accommodate a size 5 soccer ball and also has a special storage spot for your cleats. With high-quality materials, you can expect this pack to last through countless practices and matches.

On the sides and back of this bag, you’ll notice light reflecting material plus a reflective buckle on the front to improve visibility. 

Both kids and adults will be happy with the spacious design, comfortable straps and various compartments. This bag also features a handy, top carry handle for convenience. The only downside is that it only appears to come in black.

8. Flux Guardian Soccer Bag with Ball Holder

Flux Guardian

This revolutionary soccer backpack with ball holder features a compartment large enough to hold a size 5 soccer ball or basketball. Inside the bag, you’ll also find an additional pocket that can hold a size 14 pair of cleats!

There are other compartments as well including room for books, a laptop, cell phone, wallet and a spot to hang your keys.

This bag is like a mini-locker on the go! With a thick back padding combined with plush straps, this backpack is comfortable to carry, even for long periods of time. Despite the size of this bag, it’s still lightweight at just around 1 pound.

9. adidas Stadium Team Backpack

Adidas Stadium

Adidas knows soccer and that’s evident in this soccer ball backpack. The bottom front pocket of this bag features a zippered ball pocket that can also double as a laundry pocket.​

The cleat compartment has laser-cut ventilation to keep odors and bacteria at bay. There’s also an internal computer or tablet pocket and area for all your other gear as well. 

This backpack is made from the highest quality of materials. In addition, it’s water-resistant, features UltraRide shoulder straps and has a quilted back panel.

There are an astounding 11 colors choices available to you and the reviews are amazing. Keep in mind that you’ll pay a little more for this Adidas bag, but it’s going to stand up to any abuse you throw at it.

10. Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpack

Nike Club

This Nike soccer backpack with ball holder features a reinforced tarpaulin bottom. There’s also a separate compartment for your cleats and all the other gear you need.

There’s no need to worry about bad weather because the large, dual-zip compartment offers a rain flap for protection. You’ll also enjoy the mesh side pockets which allow for easy-access storage.

Even when you’re carrying this backpack for long periods of time, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. That’s due to the adjustable curved shoulder straps this bag is made with. In addition, there are five colors to choose from; perfect for matching with your team’s colors.

As with most Nike gear, you’re going to pay a little more than some other brands. That’s because of the durability and materials which are going to last you for a long time.

11. Soccerware Soccer Bag Backpack


Each one of these bags will hold a full-size 5 soccer ball as well as your cleats, water bottles, clothing, shin guards and snacks.

It’s geared toward youth players and features a lightweight cinch mechanism to make opening and closing a breeze.

The ventilated compartments keep your gear free from bacteria and deodorized. It’s also quite durable with its heavy-duty No-Rip PXD material and waterproof main ball compartment lining.

If you need to give this a quick washing, you don’t have to worry about damaging the integrity of the bag. There are three bright and vibrant color combinations to choose from plus the cost is fairly reasonable.

12. Under Armour Striker Soccer Backpack

Under Armour

This larger sized backpack has a spacious main compartment that’s zippered to keep your items safe.

The outer mesh pocket is large enough for your soccer ball to be transported with ease.

There are also zippered side organization pockets and a water bottle pocket big enough for your 20-ounce Gatorade.

This backpack is made of high-quality materials and a PTH plaid lining. It also features adjustable, padded shoulder straps for your comfort.

You can easily embroider team logos on the front panel and there are five colors to choose from. The downside is that this option is the most expensive of all the backpacks we’ve reviewed.

13. Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack

Hard Work Sports

Ending our review of soccer backpacks with ball pockets is this durable option to consider. It features a secured, rubber mesh ball holder as well as a spacious main compartment for your other gear.

There’s an additional top compartment to hold your electronics and accessories with ease. The side zippered pockets are for your small items and there are side mesh pockets for your water bottles.

This adjustable, breathable backpack features comfortable shoulder straps and comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. With the manufacturer backing the product to that extent, you really can’t go wrong.

Best Brands of Soccer Backpacks

Here are the top four brands of soccer backpacks you’ll want to be on the lookout for.


The Diadora brand is the only Italian athletic footwear and apparel company. Their very first product, the mountain climbing boot, was launched back in 1948. As times changed, their products evolved into ski boot production and tennis shoes.

In the mid-seventies, they began working their way into the soccer realm aided by Roberto Bettega. It’s now the number three brand on the soccer market. Even after all these years, they’re still proud to do their manufacturing in Italy.


Nike is an American company headquartered in the Portland metropolitan area. They’ve become a leader in the sales of athletic footwear, equipment, apparel and accessories.

In fact, they are currently the world’s largest supplier of athletic apparel and shoes. They are, however, second as a soccer brand behind Adidas.

Nike offers a nice range of styles in their soccer bags. There are innovative pockets and features to help keep you organized. They can easily accommodate your ball, cleats, uniform and more.


Adidas is a German corporation that has been in business since 1949. They design and manufacture clothing, shoes and accessories. In Europe, they’re currently the largest sportswear manufacturer and the second in the world. As far as the soccer market goes, they’re the leader, above Nike.

They’re best known for their football kits and associated equipment. They continue to supply soccer needs to many of the world’s teams and clubs. They’re also heavily involved with the World Cup. If you need a quality backpack, you certainly won’t go wrong purchasing an adidas soccer backpack with a ball holder.

Under Armour

Under Armour is an American company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. They’ve become a leader in the athletic footwear and apparel industry. They have offices all over the world including Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London and Mexico City.

While they aren’t as recognized for their soccer gear as some other brands, you can be sure that all their products are highly durable and well-built. I expect that we’ll see more of the Under Armour brand on the soccer field as years go on.

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Don’t head to another practice without a new soccer backpack to tote all your gear. There are so many high-quality soccer backpacks with ball holders on the market to choose from. Determine what features are important to you and the price that you’re willing to pay.

Then, shop the top brands to find exactly what you need to hold your ball, cleats, uniform, water bottles and accessories with ease. Fitting all of your equipment into one bag for transport will make you wish that you made the leap sooner.